Women - 28/6/2022

Wednesday 22nd was a great day for our women golfers. We had the sun shining and the breeze unnoticeable. Great for golf. 17 women played 18 holes and four women played the nine hole competition. We played a single stroke on the red course generously sponsored by Cleaning and Catering Products Warwick. Thank you for your sponsorship. The course is in great shape as the scores reflect with the results. Judy Lester was in the final group and Judy came in with a very impressive score of 70 nett just in front of Majella Kahler with 72 nett. Judy was really in the zone as she won the Division 2 approach on the15th. Judy was lucky to gobble and now has doubled her number of gobbles for the year. Well done Judy. We had a day of gobbles with five being recorded. Judy with two, Majelle, Jill, Marg andVicki with one each. Mary Young won the approach on the 12th hole for Division 1. Congratulations to all. Anne Lyons doesn't want another start like today with her first shot landing in the fork of a tree and staying there. Anne didn't let that deter her from coming home strong to take out the front nine hole competition (2 over) on a count back from Maria Carey. The Pro Pin was won by Jill Barnes on the 11th with her second shot landing in the hole. Ann Tomkins was very close with her second shot landing 75mm from the flag. Marg Adcock had a fantastic drive on the 13th missing a Hole-In-One by centimeters. Lovely drive Marg. Judy Lester 70 nett, Majella Kahler 72, Melanie McLennan 73, Jill Barnes 75, Maria Carey 76, Margaret Adcock 77, Mary Young 78, Di Johnston 79, Carole Brandon 79, Anne Lyons 79, Tub Ingall 81, Diane Evans 81, Ann Tomkins 81, Dian Macdonald 83, Helen Olsen 84, Vicki Bennett 85, Yvonne Pinington 92. The nine holers Carolyn Adood 59, Lynn Lane 66, Lois Wilson 55 and Janet Aspinall 67. Narelle Norris, Melanie McLennan and AnneLyons represented our club at the District Single Handicap Matchplay which was held at Pittsworth over two days. Friday 24th June our pennant team played at Oakey and brought home 6.5 points. Well done Narelle Norris, Jill Barnes, Majella Kahler, Yvonne Pinington and Mel McLennan. I hear the girls played a very good game with Yvonne going down to the wire on the 18th hole. We are leading at the moment. Saturday 25th June we played a single stroke for the month of June Monthly Medal on the white course. We had 20 women play for a trophy from Warwick Condamine andSports Club. Thank you for your support. Division 1 was won by Samantha Hinze with a nett 70 and Judy Lester was runner-up with a nett 76. The putting competition was won by Judy Lester on a count back from Sam with 28 putts. Great golf Samantha Division 2 was won by Carole Brandon with nett 72 just ahead of Maria Carey with nett 74. Dian Macdonald was the winner of the putting competition with 30 putts. The front nine hole competition was won by Lois Wilson who is one of our nine hole players. Melanie and Jill won the approaches today. Samantha, Melanie and Carole shared the Pro Pin honours. SamanthaHinze 70 nett, Carole Brandon 72, Maria Carey 74, Tub Ingall 75, Judy Lester 76, Mary Young 76, Melanie McLennan 77, Gwen Mills 77, Helen Olsen 78, Dian Macdonald 78, Jill Barnes 78, Margaret Adcock 78, Yvonne Pinington 79, Diane Evans 79, Majella Kahler 83, Lyn McKillop 83, Janet Davis 85, our nine holers Lois Wilson 52, Donna Keogh 57 and Janet Aspinall 64. Wednesday 29th we will be playing Red Stableford sponsored by Sporters and Saturday 2nd July will be the Monthly Medal sponsored by Warwick Condamine Sports Club. We are very grateful for your support throughout the years.