Women - 12/6/2022

Wednesday the 8th had a field of 19 women playing our Mid Week Medal game sponsored by Club Warwick RSL. Thank you Warwick RSL. Always a great incentive to play. Division 1 was won by Jill Barns with 82 nett and winning the putting competition with 33 putts and runner-up was Margaret Adcock with 88 nett. Division 2 was won by Roslyn Darton with 75 nett and winning the putting competition with 28 putts and runner-up was Maria Carey 76 nett. Roslyn has been in the winning circle for the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to you Roslyn. The front nine competition was won by Lyn McKillop. Featured in the rundown were Anne Lyons 80 nett, Annice 82 nett and Tub Ingall on c/b 84. There were three approaches on the course but only division 3 pro pin was won and that went to Roslyn. A very good approach on the 4th for Roslyn 4th shot only 715mm from the hole. Pro pins on the 11th being 2520mm from the flag was won by Anne Lyon with Lyn McKIllop and Margaret Adcock sharing the Pro Pin. Roslyn Darton 75, Maria Carey 76, Anne Lyons 80, Helen Oslen 81, Jill Barnes 82, Annice Payne 82, Tub Ingall 84, Yvonne Pinington 84, Lyn McKillop 84,Margaret Adcock 88, Vickie Bannett 89 Di Johnston 93, Carole Brandon 94, Wendy Rhea 104. 9 hole women Gail WAtts 61 gross, Lynn Lane 65 gross, Jan Aspinall 70 gross and Lois Wilson 64 gross. On Thursday lunch time we had a lovely lunch at "The Cherry Tree Coffee and Dining' to thank them for their generous sponsorship of the Women Golf in Warwick. We had 13 ladies turn up to have lunch with a great chat thrown in for free. Friday found our brave Pennant Team ladies heading to Cararlah for a very chilly start at only 3 degrees and not a great deal better throughout the day. Narelle, Marg, Jill, Anne and Roslyn represented Warwick very well with a win for each player. Narelle 6/4, Marg 2/1, Jill 4/2, Anne ! up and Roslyn 7/5. With adding the 7points to our total we are leading the competition at the moment. Saturday was the qualifying round for the President Foursomes. Unfortunately we only had 7 teams being able to qualify to play. As the weather on Saturday was very cold the golf Gods were not being kind to anyone. Qualifying no 1. Danielle Seibel and Patricia Roberts 81.5, 2nd Narelle Norris and Samantha Hinze 82, 3rd Wendy Rhea and Lyn McKillop 84, 4th Vichi Bennett and Carole Brandon 87.5, 5th Jill Barns and Roslyn Darton 89, 6th Dian Macdonald and Marg Adcock 93 and7th Dianne Evans and Yvonne Pinington 95. Other teams were Anne Lyons and Maria Carey 85.5, Ellie Carsy and Ann Tomkin 90, Helen Olsen and Janet Davis 95.5. Dannielle and Trish had a buy. The other teams played their match on Sunday. Narelle and Sam played Di and Yvonne and Narrell and Sam were the winners at 1 up, Wendy and Lyn played Marg and Dian and Marg and Dian won 5 up. Vicki and Carole were to play Jill and Ros but unfortunately Ros had hurt her back and was unable to play. Congratulations to the winners. The next round is being played on Saturday 18th. Dannielle and Trish play Vicki and Carole and Narelle and Sam play Marg and Dian. Best of luck to everyone.