Men - 30/5/2022

Finally some weekend golf was played by members at the Warwick Golf Club last Saturday after a number of washouts. The prestigious Cunningham Trophy stroke event was played and this honourboard event attracted a good field. The event was sponsored by regular sponsors Advance Metal Products and the thanks of the club goes out to Don Stewart and the people at Advance Metal Products for their ongoing support. The winner on the day was 7 marker Mitch McLennan who shot a 74 off the stick for a net 67 result and a one shot victory over Bert Bowndes. These were the only two players to play to or better than their handicap indicating how tough the course is playing at present with some really difficult rough. Big hitters seem to be advantaged but when looking at the run down winners that may not be the case. It appears to be a matter of simply keeping it on the short stuff. The run down saw Ron Simon, Jessie Ollerton and Don Warrener scoring 70 with Wayne Wells and Jamie Ollerton on 71 and Ian Wallace on 73 being the only other player to win a run down ball. Eddie Kemp won the pro pin on 13 winning 5 balls with Dave Walker winning 4, Peter Farrell 3, Jessie Ollerton 2 and Peter Balfour winning the final ball. Dave Speedy won both the 5th and 7th pin shots while Peter Hynes won the 11th and Dave Duroux won the 16th. One player of note in the field on Saturday was Australian cricketer Mark Steketee who is a member at Nudgee but was enjoying a return home and the 8 marker returned a 77 net result. An interesting point about the scoring on Saturday was that a third of the field failed to break 100 off the stick again indicating the difficulty of the course at present. Players are reminded that only two buggies per group are allowed on the course at present until further notice and they should stay in the tree lines rather than driving down the middle of the fairways. Next Saturday players have the June Monthly Medal sponsored by John Dee and again, regular supporters that the club is indebted