Sporters - 5/11/2021

The last three weeks have seen excellent fields in our regular Sporters competitions, with last Wednesday’s field topping out at 73 members competing for our usual strong weekly prizes. Wednesday 27/10/21 saw 64 starters in the Warwick Hotel trophy, despite some strong distraction from the Warwick Gold Cup Campdraft and Rodeo. Winner on the day was parent club president Gary Two Names ( I know!) with 41 points from retired walloper Mark Paroz on a countback. Ball rundown: - Mark Thomas was not far behind on 40 points, followed by a gaggle of four in Mike Hoskin, Anthony Seidl, Terry Bennett and Mick Banks all on 36. Then came Garry Hanson, Charlie Morrison and Tony Hassall from Wallangara ( member of Tenterfield GC) all on 35 points. NTP’s – 5th didn’t go off, Scott McLennan on 7th, Kerrin Delaney on 9th and Mike Hoskin on 16th. Pro pin on 11th – new member Paul Dautzenberg 4, Peter Farrell 2, Greg Wallace/Mike Hoskin 1. Pro pin on 13th – Charlie Morrison 4, Paul Dautzenberg 2, Eddie Big Cods/Scott McLennan 1 each. Last Wednesday 3/11/21, with an excellent spring day for golf, saw 73 members tee off in the Pro shop sponsored stroke round for November. After allegedly cleaning up on the Melbourne Cup Mort Henderson continued his winning run with a nett 64 off his 19 handicap, on a countback from Derrick Hewitt off his 18 handicap. Ball rundown: - Ross Kingston 65/Tony Kahler/local bovine appreciator Greg Carey/Anthony Seidl all on a nett 66, followed by Craig Burges/ Bryan Slattery aka Dr Who2 on 67, and Gary Sutcliffe / Mal Crawford ( with a ball to take home to Rita!) and Trevor king all on 69. NTP’s - Eddie Big Cods on 5th, Charlie Morrison on 7th, Anthony Seidl on 9th and Craig Burgess on 16th. Pro pin on 11th – Anthony Seidl 4, Gary Sutcliffe 2, Mort Henderson/Tony Kahler 1 each. Pro pin on 13th – Bill Jubb 4, Anthony Seidl 2, Gary Sutcliffe and John Urwin 1 each. And finally our golf thought for the week ; ‘Golf is a game of endless failure and frustration!’ Mike Greenberg ( ain’ t that the truth!!) Enjoy your golf!