Sporters - 23/9/2021

Warwick Sporters Golf has had a very busy couple of weeks for our members as our last few events have run parallel with a number of parent club annual honour board events, meaning a lot of golf for the keen ones! Wednesday 8/9/21 we saw a strong field of 60 members tee off in the Betta Home Living trophy , with the winner Neville Heard winning with 38 points on a countback from Evan Pfeffer. Ball rundown: Sporters President Keith Farrell 37, Mick Banks/Trevor Davies 36, Scott Young ( obviously being coached by Mary!)/Darrell Bain 35, Gunter Nicklich/Danny Lyons 34. NTP’s – Charlie Morrison on 5th, Turtle Wallace on 7th, Danny Lyons on 9th, Ron Munro on 16th. Pro pin on 11th – John Bowd 4, Keith Clarke 2, Mark Paroz and John Urwin 1 each. Pro pin on 13th – Mark Paroz 4, Tony Kahler 2 and Anthony Seidl 1. Wednesday 15/9/21 saw 57 members face the starter in the Warwick Hotel trophy. Winner on the day, proving what a real jewel he is, was Diamond Peter Walsh on 37 points, on a countback, from Adam Hart. Ball rundown – Gary 2 Names 36, John Brandon 35, Leigh Nisbet/Greg Carey/Tony Kahler/Danny Lyons 1 each. NTP’s – Evan Pfeffer on 5th, David Gengos on 7th, Anthony Seidl on 9th and David Gengos with a double on 16th. Pro pin on 11th – Chainsaw Al 4, Evan Pfeffer 2, Peter Farrell ( now recovered from being knocked over by a Feather!)/Tony Kahler 1 each. Pro pin on 13th – Pat O’Dea 4, Craig Burgess ( all the way from Burgo’s Corner!) 2, David Gengos 2. This Wednesday 22/9/21 we play in the Bells Butchery trophy and the following week is the 5th Wednesday event, sponsored by Sporters. In a generous gesture, veteran Sporters member Gunter Nicklich is sponsoring both the Sporters men and the WWG ladies, reducing the green fees from the usual $15 to $40 for the day’s play. Gunter’s continuing hand in the pocket support is much appreciated. And finally our golf thought for the week ; Late in his life, a very obese Elvis Presley took up golf, and in one of his early rounds, hit into a very deep bunker from which he struggled to exit. He called out to his caddy, ‘I’m caught in a trap, I can’t walk out!’ A true story but if you don’t believe me, it is only your ‘suspicious mind’! Enjoy your golf!