Sporters - 19/5/2021

Last Wednesday, Sporters saw a small field of 39 players face the starter in the Warwick Hotel trophy for May. The pending rain forecast clearly caused a n upsurge of the current idontwanttogetwet-itis! Winner on the day with 37 points was a pair of infrequent Sporters players, with Sean Haynes winning with37 points, one point ahead of bro Cody with 36 points. Ball rundown: Garry Hanson 35, Mick Banks 34, Trevor Davies 34 and Greg Wallace 34. NTP’s - Greg Wallace on 5th, Doug Wilson on 7th, Trevor Davies on 9th. Pro pin on 11th – Mal Galloway 3, Adam Hart 2, Keith Clarke 1. Pro pin on 13th – Eddie Big Cods 2 and Peter Balfour 1. Chainsaw Al got the choccies on 16th. This Wednesday we play in the Bells Butchery trophy and the following week in the Hawker Road Function Centre trophy. Mid August see the Warwick Womens Golf Open Events over a three day period, and Sporters has commenced planning an away trip on Wednesday 18/8/21 to Tenterfield Golf Club. Travel will be by member vehicles and as we get closer to the date, we will organise a list of vehicles and passengers for the trip, which usually has us back in Warwick 4pm that day. Enjoy your golf – and stay rugged up!