President Update to Members - 7/4/2021

UPDATE TO MEMBERS To all members, the last few months have been excellent for our golf club. The participation by members and social players has never been better, our course is looking the best for quite a while, the drought seems to have broken and we are experiencing really good rain. It would seem that during this trying time caused by the pandemic, lots of people have turned to golf to wind down and enjoy a moment. The pressure of daily contesting the Covid-19 problem that has turned our lives up-side-down has had an enormous effect on not just us here in Warwick but our families that live elsewhere. However, we are a resilient lot and to seek some way to relax and unwind during this testing time a lot of us have turned to golf. It has been a bonus for the Club and we find ourselves in a really solid position. I would like to take the time to speak of the tireless work that our green staff and the loyal volunteers do each week, the course is a credit to the work carried out daily. We are inundated with compliments on the condition of the greens and the fairways. Quite a few months ago, upon being requested, Craig Cox and Jill Barnes put their heads together to set out a design for the fairways so that they would be visually attractive, and also be encompassing of all the membership, be they old or young, of long or short handicaps, men or ladies. The result is now a course that has visual ambiance, a rough that is defined from the fairway, and is seen as a course that rewards good play. In the last few months, I have played with members and guests across the entire spectrum of our membership and social players. I have not had one complaint about the contouring of the fairways or the definition of the rough to the fairway. I have asked all players about the rough and all have said that if you hit a bad shot and land in the rough, that’s what golf is about, you get penalised. Recently we had A grade players from courses around the Downs play at Warwick. All of them were so complimentary on how our course looked and played. My thanks to our green staff and our volunteers. Change is sometimes difficult to put into perspective and it takes time to adjust, but all of our staff and volunteers have embraced the subtle changes that have been implemented and are now reaping the deserved accolades. The Club has staged all the usual events that occur during the early part of the year and the participation has been very rewarding. Big fields participated in the Open day and the Club Championships. The Sporters Shootout went off with its usual fanfare, but this year it was a tad harder with the day hampered with pouring rain. Congratulations to all the winners of their respective events. I also draw your attention to the demographic of our membership, when I first joined this club some 15 years ago at the ripe old age of 60, the demographic was that perhaps two thirds of our membership were 50+ in years. I look at the demographic today and it is now two thirds are below 50 years of age. That does not mean that we will devote ourselves to younger people it means that the club has become a place for all ages, and that it a real bonus. We get to play with people of all ages and expertise, I find this really exciting and enjoy playing with all members across all ages. A gold star to the Club’s women’s and men’s captains for their enthusiasm and the attention to detail in getting these events off and running, with bigger fields than normal. Another gold star for Brendan and Daniel for the enthusiasm shown in getting the juniors up and running again. Looking at the operation of the club overall and you get a picture that all of the different structures are working cohesively together to achieve the best result for the good of the club. There seems to be a genuine effort to all work together. The Pro Shop, the Captains, the Committee and the membership all seem to be on the same page, and that is to make this club the best it can be. The Pro Shop has held several promo days for trying different gear and cater for both men and women. The recent day with a visiting lady’s Pro was well received by the ladies. Well done Sam for the lateral thinking. The applications for grants are continually being applied for to allow us to improve the course. Like the purchase of equipment that is necessary or ways to improve the course. If we are successful in obtaining grants you will see these improvements. Our treasurer is very conscious of carefully listening to advise by the experts that we have at our club as to what he directs the success of any grants. The general membership will see from time to time improvements instigated whenever a grant is successful. For although we are doing quite well financially, we still have to be prudent and spend our money wisely. There are many stories of golf clubs around Australia going broke through not being frugal. The committee is working tirelessly to get the best value for the members. Our sponsors are supporting the club in their usual loyal fashion and the club is so grateful for the support that is given. The recent Lockdown of Brisbane and the restrictions that have been placed on Queenslanders around the state make this time in our lives just that more difficult. You all would have seen the new sign-in app on the Pro Shop door, please comply with the directions so that if anything happens, we can trace everyone and maybe save a life. I look to the future with optimism, and I like what has been achieved, and what will be achieved in the future. Gary Russell-Sharam President