Sporters - 29/1/2021

Last Wednesday 27/1/21, the convivial atmosphere of a typical Sporters Wednesday was very much dampened as word spread throughout the field that popular long time WGC and Sporters member and one of the Owls foundation members John ‘Jack’ Devitt lost his long battle with illness. Jack had fought long and hard and even when he couldn’t play, sat at his front door waving to Sporters members on the third tee.  Our condolences are extended to the McLennan family on this very sad occasion.


The competition, although somewhat subdued, continued in the Warwick Hotel trophy, with 53 members teeing off, which was an effort for  some having been at the annual Australia Day Ambrose the previous day.  Winner on the day with a strong 40 points was Eddy Raets off his handicap of 15, from runner-up and Warwick’s newest houseflogger Craig Burgess with 38 points off his 23 handicap.


Ball rundown: Doug Rickert 37, Keith Farrell 36, Phil the coach/ Unlucky Garry/ Chainsaw Al all on 35 and tail end Charlie Robin Farrell on 34. 


NTP’s – Garry Adcock on 5th, Robin Farrell on 7th, Charlie Morrison on 9th and Gary Hanson on 16th  - pro pin on 11th – Charlie Morrison 4, Tegan’s Dad 3, Phil the coach 2 and newest member Mark Paroz ( for whom I am working on a nickname!) 1.  Pro pin on 13th Phil the coach 3, con Seibel 2 and Unlucky Garry 1.


Next Wednesday 3/2/21 we play in the pro shop sponsored competition and the following week in the Warwick Hotel trophy.  Shootout members now have only 4 more days to qualify with the final day being Wednesday 24/2/21, which is also the Sporters AGM date.


Please keep the McLennan in your thoughts at this time.