Sporters - 30/12/2020

Last Wednesday 23/12/20, Sporters saw a field of 60 members and a guest from the Pacific Golf club, tee off in the Warwick Hotel trophy for December. Winner on the day was our chief Bovinarian Greg Carey with a score of 39 points off his 15 handicap, from runner-up Robin Farrell a point behind. Ball rundown; Jon Pearson/Garry Adcock/Anthony Seidl/John porter all on 37, Lawrie Hewson/Danny Lyons/Peter Hyes/Mal Galloway all on 36 points. NTP’s: Darrell Baon on 5th, Adam Hart on 7th, Stu Wade on 9th, Danny Lyons on 16th. Pro pin on 11th – Garry Adcock 4, Stu Wade 3,Darrell Bain 3, Anthony Seidl 2, Con Seibel 1. Pro pin on 13th Doug Wilson 2 and Clive Pulley 1. There are some days that are just a columnist’s dream, starting from the 14th tee which doesn’t often feature in our thoughts; Taking his trusty driver, Garry Adcock lined up after his usual immaculate practice swing, sure of replicating that swing with his drive. Unfortunately for Garry, his drive came rocketing off the toe of the club at right angles, and in what can only be described as unerring accuracy, took the head completely off the bubbler behind the 13th green. Oh No! What do I do now? We call Club President 2 Names, who having finished his round, immediately put on his plumber’s hat and raced to the scene of the aqua-carnage! With some help from passing members, and after a quick trip home to the shed for an elbow, the day was saved! Garry and Gary, take a bow! Tim Flannery would be proud of the water-saving efforts! Immediate Past President Don Stewart, deciding that his putt on 17th green would take some consideration, placed his marker down and stepped back, only to see a juvenile magpie that had been lurking in the bunker, calmly walk between the group, pick up the marker and take off back into the bunker. After an unsuccessful chase around the bunker, the marker was returned after a well placed throw with a golf ball from partner Tony Kahler, convinced our corvidae blackandwhiteus to surrender said marker. Sporters fields our competition as usual this coming Wednesday 30/12/20 and if you have golfing visitors please feel free to invite them to come along and join us for our usual stableford competition. Members are reminded that this competition will be our last with preferred lies which cease from next Saturday. A one stroke penalty applies if you forget!! With the end of 2020 in sight, we can only reflect on what was a complete bastard of a year and one which we will all be please to the back of. So our final 2020 quotation will be oe of better things to come; ‘There are far better things ahead than any which we leave behind!’ C S Lewis ( except if your golf club removes the preferred lies!!)