Women - 2/11/2020

Warwick Women’s Golf 

Wednesday 28th October  The best time to play on this day was in the morning in terms of the weather.  Most of the players made it back to the Clubhouse before the first storm hit. Although reports have it that Marge and Tracey didn’t quite make it and were caught in the rain.  

The group of 4 afternoon ladies headed out just after 11.30 and after 3 holes made it to the shed on the 13th as the first storm came through.  As luck would have it they were able to shelter there again in the second storm with just 3 holes to play. 

Today’s winner came from the morning group – Congratulations to Kath Devereux with 38 points - and the runner-up came from the afternoon group - Congratulations Mary Young with 35 points on count back from Mel. Thank you to our sponsors again the Cherry Tree Coffee & Dining they have been a tremendous sponsor this year for us. Balls in the rundown went to Mel McLennan & Gwen Mills 35pts, Di Macdonald 34pts and Judy Lester 33pts.  The extra balls went to Tub Ingall, Lyn Gibson & Ann Tomkins 32pts & Judy Stiff 31pts. The following field was Yvonne Pinington, Annice Payne & Jean Fysh 30pts, Patti Hemmings 29pts, Majella Kahler 29pts, Roslyn Darton 26pts, Ann Ellis 25pts, Lyndelle Kemp who is a visitor to our club over the last few weeks & Di Johnston 19pts, Janet Olsen (visitor), Tracey Farrell & Marge Burley didn’t get a chance to finish their round due to the storms. There were a couple of birdies in the field today - Mel on the 7th and Ann Tomkins on the 16thand a couple of gobbles - Mary and Roslyn both on the 2nd.

Saturday 31st October – Well with the postponement of our Halloween day, 23 ladies braved the course to play for the Kentucky Fried Chicken Single Stableford. The clouds were supposed to get nasty, but once again, the predictions lucky for our golfers didn’t eventuate. Tub Ingall blitzed the field today with 42 points, taking home the KFC Voucher of the day. Congratulations Tub! Melanie McLennan had a great round too, securing herself the runner up podium with a fantastic 38 points, a great round Melanie. Balls in the rundown went to Gwen Mills 34, Louise Carey, Anne Lyons, & Patricia Eastwell 32pts. The extra balls went to Mary Young, Jill Barnes, Wendy Rhea & Di Evans 31pts. Great golf everyone. The following brave ladies who took no notice of the weather predication and had a lovely game of golf were: Ann Tomkins, Majella Kahler, Roslyn Darton & Yvonne Pinington 30pts, Lyndelle Kemp & Molly Scotney 28pts, Trish Roberts 26pts, Helen Olsen & Danielle Seibel 24pts, Trish Bell & Joely Singleton 23pts, Kath Morrison 21pts and Elly Casey 19pts.

Wednesday the 4th will be The Coffee Club Warwick Single Stableford, so we will look forward to seeing you all out on the course again to play our absolute best for Coffee & Cake. Our Monthly Medal is on Saturday November 7th. If you haven’t yet been able to make yourself on the Shoot Out board, time is running out with only a few more games this Month before the points close. Also as the Shootout is fast approaching Vicki is keen to get shirt sizes. Please add your details to the list in the ladies’ restroom as soon as possible. 

Wednesday the 11th is a Red Rooster single stableford. 

Happy Golfing everyone.