Sporters - 29/9/2020

Last Wednesday 23/9/20, another strong field faced the starter in the Betta Home Living trophy for September.  Keeping a run of good form, winner was Sam McLennan with 41 points off his 4 handicap, from runner-up Slim Eldridge on 39 points.


Ball rundown: the ever consistent Evan Pfeffer, 39, Ross Hetherington aka Dr Who ( continuing to carry out a walletectomy on the Loin King!), Peter Farrell/Herb Bounds

38 points, then came chainsaw Al / Con Seibel, Gunter Nicklich, Dave Duroux all on 37 points.


NTP’s: Slim Eldridge on 5th, Anthony Seidl on 7th, Fred Howard on 9th, Wayne Foster on 16th. Pro pin on 11th – Tegan’s Dad 4 balls, Garry 2 Names 3, Keith Clarke 2, Chainsaw Al 1.  Pro pin on 13th – Darrell Bain 3, Clive Pulley 2, Keith Clarke 1.


This Wednesday 30/9/20, we play in the HRFC trophy, and the following week in the pro shop sponsored stroke round for October.


Time for a well done to all Sporters members,  parent club members and social players, who rolled up in great numbers for the Charity golf Day last Sunday to benefit Nathan ‘Belly’ Bell. The day was a huge success with a large donation to be available for Nathan and his family, to help in his current health battle.  The final amount of  the donation was not available at the time of going to press but I will advise same in the next column. If the amount is at all equivalent to the decibel level on the deck late on Sunday afternoon, then it should be a doozie!


And finally, our golf thought for the week, for all our grandpas with grandkids on holidays this week, ‘ Granddad teaches you what sport is all about; football ( & golf!) and yelling at the TV! ...anon