Sporters - 24/7/2020

Yesterday, despite weather colder than a mother-in-law’s kiss, 53 brave souls faced the starter in the Warwick Hotel trophy for July. Winner on the day, and showing  plenty after his sojourn into western NSW, Sporters President Keith Farrell burst from the pack with an impressive 41 points from runner-up and President of the Warwick Bovine Appreciation Society Greg Carey on 40 points.


Ball rundown; Danny Lyons ( decked out in shorts and tee shirt as always!)/Derrick Hewitt 37, Ron Simon/Eddie Big Cods/Peter Farrell/Ross Kingston/Evan Pfeffer all on 36, Keith Clarke/ Scott Young/Scott McLennan/Peter Balfour and Eddie Raets all on 35.


Next Wednesday we play in the Bells Butchery trophy and the following week in the pro-shop sponsored stroke event for August.


Our congratulations to the green staff, and the band of happy volunteers led by chainsaw Al, whose remarkable efforts in  dropping rogue trees and branches and then getting the course back in shape for Sporters golf was spectacular. We do hear however that there was some considerable use of neurofen and dencorub in certain quarters after the two days clean-up.


And our golf thought for the week, with apologies to James M Barrie ..’Golf is a long lesson in humility!