Women - 24/6/2020

Wednesday we played a single Stableford kindly sponsored by The Coffee Club Warwick. This Event was played off the Red Markers. Sharron Cooper was the winner of the day with a fantastic score of 65 nett. Roslyn Darton was hot on her heels with 66nett, very unlucky with a great score like that not to win Ros. Balls in the rundown went to Marg Adcock 66, Carole Brandon 70, Nachcha Craggs 71, and Ann Tomkins 72.  The Extra Balls went to Kath Deveruex, Michelle Wright  73, Patricia Eastwell, and Majella Kahler 74. The field followed like this… Ellie Casey 74, Gwen Porter, Jill Barnes 75, Di Johnson, Di Macdonald 76, Annice Payne 77, Tub Ingall, Judy Stiff 80, Wendy, Vicki, Joan, Gill, Di, and Jan completed the field of 23 Women.  

Saturday was the qualifying round of the 4BBB Handicap Matchplay Championships. Great scoring all round, as the field battled it out for the top 8 qualifying positions. Molly Scotney and Danielle Seibel played a brilliant 1st round scoring 59 nett to take poll position. Wendy Rhea and Anna Cox combined well to be runner up with 63 nett. Balls in the rundown went to Vicki Bennett and Helen Olsen 64, Ann Tomkins and Zell Crook 66 NQ, Anne Lyons and Trisha Bell 66, Annice Payne and Tub Ingall 67. The rest of the field scored as follows, Jill Barnes and Melanie McLennan 67, Yvonne Pinington and Di Macdonald 67, Gwen Mills and Trish Roberts 68, Marg Adcock and Patricia Eastwell 68, Carole Brandon and Nachcha Craggs 69 NQ, Michelle Wright and Kath Devereux 70, Di Johnson and Majella Kahler 70, Roslyn Darton and Mary Young 73, Ellie Casey and Di Evans 74. 

So the positions were decided with Danielle and Molly to play Gwen and Trish R, Wendy and Anna to play Di M and Yvonne , Vicki and Helen to play Jill and Melanie, and Anne L and Trish B to play Annice and Tub. 

Sunday saw four great matches, all close and all well played. Danielle and Molly defeated Gwen and Trish R 3/2. 

Anne K and Trish B defeated Annice Payne and Tub Ingall 2/1.

Jill and Melanie defeated Vicki and Helen 2/1

Yvonne and Di M defeated Wendy and Anna on the 19thHole. 

The Semi Finals will all be great matches and will be played on Saturday the 21st of June. 

Housekeeping this week...*As from Monday 22 nd June, all of the tee markers will be left on the tees. This means that we ladies will need to be aware of which course we are playing on that day. If you are unsure, the scorecard we are given  is marked either a "Red" or a "White" card. So we all need to be mindful of this when teeing off. This change to our regular practice ensures that the course is set up appropriately for when different competitions are being played on the same day, or on different days of the weekend. 

Today we will be playing Mid Week Brooch, sponsored by the Warwick Golf Club. A Stroke round, played in Two Divisions. Saturday will see the Quarter final of the Semi Finals of the 4BBB Handicap Matchplay, while those not involved in this event will play a Single Stableford,  Kindly Sponsored by The Oak Tree Retirement Village. Such a beautiful place to live, right down there beside the beautiful Condamine River. Sunday will see the Finals of the 4BBB Match Play Championships, this event being sponsored by Michelle Wright, From Michelle’s Wright-At-Home Hair Studio. 4 tough rounds, and Sunday will see the eventual winners. 

But on a very sad note, we were all sorry to hear of the sudden passing of our very popular long term member Ken Burley. Ken and his lovely wife Marge have been members of our club for many years, with Ken only playing last Wednesday in his usual Sporters club round. Ken unfortunately suffered a heart attack on Sunday Morning, at his home. Ken was the patron of the Sporters club, and he with his good wife Marge, are absolute legends and the ultimate role models to all of us at the Golf club. It was Ken who always organized his band of merry workers to help us out every year raking our bunkers for the Ladies Open Day. Something that we are now well known and quite famous in our district for. Our thoughts and prayers are with Marge and her family at this very sad time. Until  next week, stay happy and have fun chasing that little white ball all over the beautiful Warwick golf course.

To the Members of the Warwick Golf Club
Update on club opening hours. Steve Domjahn advises that the new opening hours for the Clubhouse will be from 11am to 4pm for both Wednesdays and Saturdays
Don Stewart