Women - 13/5/2020

Warwick Women’s Golf 

Last Wednesday 29 ladies played a Single Stableford which was a Club sponsorship, we are starting to see our fields increase with the COVID still all in the forefront of everyone’s minds and our format of 2 partners is working really well. Congratulations to Majella Kahler with a fabulous score of 39 pts, runner up with a great score as well was Yvonne Pinington with 38 pts. Ball run downs went to Patricia Eastwell, Mary Young 36 pts, Judy Lester, Annice Payne 33 pts, Carole Brandon, Trish Bell 32 pts, Jill Barnes, Helen Olsen 31 pts. The remaining field Kath Morrison who missed out on a ball on a count back with 31 pts, Roslyn Darton, Marg Adcock, Michelle Wright 30 pts, Gwen Mills, Elly Casey Diane Johnston, Molly Scotney 29 pts, Patti Hemmings, Gail Watts, Wendy Rhea 28 pts, Di Evan, Vicki Bennett 27 pts, Di Macdonald, Joely Singleton 26, Nachcha Craggs 25 pts, Jean Fysh, Tub Ingall 24 pts, Janet Davis 23 pts

Saturday, 30 women played a Stableford competition - what a great turnout!

The best score of the day with 41 points - was Nachcha Craggs.  Patti Hemmings was runner-up with 38 points on countback from Molly Scotney and Anna Cox. Balls in the rundown went to Molly, Anna, Gwen Mills 37 pts and Sam Hinze 36 pts . The extra balls went to Jill Barnes, Annice Payne 36 pts, Carole Brandon 35 pts and Michelle Wright 34 pts. The following field was Mary Young 34 pts, Joely Singleton 33 pts, Janet Davis, Di Evans, Kath Morrison 31 pts, Jacqui Millard, Danielle Seibel, Ros Darton, Anne Lyons, Zel Crook, Majella Kahler 30 pts, Judy Lester 29 pts, Tub Ingall, Wendy Rhea 28 pts, Marg Adcock, Patricia Eastwell 27 pts, Yvonne Pinington, Vicki Bennett, Helen Olsen 26 pts and Trish Bell 23 pts. There have been quite a few gobbles over the last two games - well done to those players who have been adding to the Gobble chart. The leaders with 6 gobbles each are Helen, Annice and Mary. Close behind with 5 gobbles each are Jill, Janet and Mel. If we can please make sure that the Gobbles are clearly marked on both the player and their partner’s card.

Please note ladies that you are responsible for checking your handicap on your card is correct, we are picking up a few mistakes with incorrect recording of stableford points. Also while we have temporary measures in place with our flags the ball needs to come to rest on the noddle in the hole to be counted as a putt.

Today we play a Single Stableford 18/9 from the white markers with the trophies kindly donated by Warwick Sandstone. Saturday is a red Single Stableford. Remember Saturday week is our qualifying round for the single handicap match play honour board event. Play will remain as it currently is until we get advice from Golf Queensland re relaxing our restrictions.