Men - 18/12/2019

Warwick Men’s Golf Club notes

Saturday 14thDecember we played a single stableford sponsored by The Malthouse. The winner OCB was Wayne Watt with 36 points. The runner-up was Eddie Kemp. Ball rundown: Sam McLennan, Neil Moore 36, Rhys Farrell, Brendon Landrigan & Sam Eaves 35 and Ian Wallace 34points. Pins: 5thMatt Tate, 7thGeoff Hinze, 9thWayne Watt, 11thRhys Farrell, 16thIan Wallace. Pro Pin: Michael Watt 4 balls, Wayne Wall 3 balls, Alan Matthews 2 ball, Charlie Morrison 1 ball.

Sunday 15thDecember the Medal of Medals was held. This event is sponsored by John Dee. The winner was defending champion Rhys Farrell with 66 nett. The runner-up OCB was Don Stewart with 67 nett. Third was Leon Sticklen and fourth was Adam Nielsen. Congratulations to all who made the final.

This Saturday, 21st December we play a medley stableford sponsored by Horse and Jockey Hotel/Motel. This competition and Saturday 28th December are medley competitions where both men and women can compete in the same competitions.

Thanks to all volunteers who assisted in cleaning up the course after the storm on Wednesday night. Your efforts in repairing the course are greatly appreciated.

To everybody thanks for your assistance and support throughout the year and have a great Christmas and New Year.