Women - 11/12/2019

Women’s Golf Notes 11/12/19


Last Wednesday was our final Style Shoes sponsored White Stableford day for the year. Majella Kahler was the winner of the day with a terrific 40 points. Great game Majella! Di Evans continued her good form winning the front nine with 19 points and Mary Young had 17 points to win the back nine.  The All In on 9 went to Vicki Bennett and the Graded on 13 went to Majella and Di Johnston. Di also received 2 balls in the Pro Pin and Janine Stewart and Nachcha Craggs 1 each.  The remaining scores were, Janine Stewart 32, Di Johnston 31, Judy Lester 30, Jill Barnes 29, Annice Payne, Ellie Casey 28, Danielle Seibel 27, Wendy Rhea, Joy Bowles, Nachcha 26, Jan Byrne, Anna Cox, Helen Olsen 24, Gill Young, Tracey Spinetti 23, Vicki Bennett 21, Ann Ellis 18, Joan Burt 17.

Then on Saturday we played the Medal of Medalists.  27 ladies qualified for this honour board event during the year by either winning a Monthly Medal or a Mid Week Medal.  21 ladies contested the event and this year’s winner with a score of 71 nett was Gwen Mills. Well done Gwen.  The winner of the daily trophy was Marg Adcock, close behind Gwen with 73 and Tracey Spinetti with a score of 75 beat Yvonne Pinington on a countback. The graded approaches went to Marg, Tracey and Yvonne, the All In on 7 went to Annice. The balls in the rundown went to Yvonne, Helen Olsen, Judy Lester and Majella Kahler all with 76.  Other scores from the day were, Vicki Bennett, Jill Barnes 76, Janine Stewart, Molly Scotney, Donna Keogh 77, Lou Carey, Melanie McLennan, Mary Young 78, Di Johnston 79, Nachcha Craggs 80, Annice Payne 82, Joan Burt 83, Trish Roberts, Anne Lyons 84, Trish Bell 86, Wendy Rhea 88.

On a very smoky Sunday, with watering eyes and raspy throats, the 19 top qualifiers for the Sudz Laundromat Shootout battled it out.  Thank you once again to Vicki and Terry Bennett for sponsoring the shootout and for supplying the ladies with our lovely new pink shirts. Hit off was at 9am and after battling the unusual weather conditions, by 4.30 we had a winner. The 19 ladies left us as follows, Di Johnston, Molly Scotney, Gwen Mills, Donna Keogh, Gill Young, Vicki Bennett, Majella Kahler, Yvonne Pinington, Di Evans, Marg Adcock, Melanie McLennan, Jill Barnes, Mary Young, Judy Lester, Annice Payne, Nachcha Craggs, Trish Bell, leaving Ros Darton and Anne Lyons to play the final hole.  4 lovely shots saw Anne on the green.  Ros had a little trouble playing from the tree line, so after two putts our winner for the 2019 Shootout was Anne. What a great achievement after only playing competition golf consistently for the last couple of years, Anne was a very excited and emotional winner.  A huge congratulations to all the ladies who played, especially to our final 3 place getters who played beautifully all day avoiding chip offs until the death.  A special mention to Ros who quite easily could have been eliminated on 7 but played very smartly to keep it going. Well done to all on what is such a long, tiring but exciting day.  A huge thank you to Danielle Seibel for being our ‘Marshall’ for the day, keeping things running smoothly and to Liz Cockram and Janine Stewart for keeping us on our toes with the scoring.

Today is our Christmas party and on Saturday we play our final ladies competition for the year sponsored by Cherry Tree Coffee Lounge. Women's Competition will be in recess until Saturday January 11th 2020 when we return to play the January Monthly Medal. Women will be welcome to play in the Sporters' Wednesday competition and club Saturday Medley competition during this time with trophies and pins as arranged.