Women - 19/11/2019

Women’s Golf Notes 20/11/19


On a very smoky day last Wednesday, 14 ladies braved the conditions to play our monthly Style Shoes sponsored stableford off the white markers.  A big congratulations to our new player Jan Byrne who had a terrific 40 points. Patti Hemmings had a great 22 points on the front nine and Annice Payne came home strongly with 18 to win the other voucher up for grabs. The pin on the 7th went to Judy Lester and the Graded on 16 went to Marg Adcock, Di Johnston and Patricia Eastwell. There was only 1 ball in the Pro Pin on the 11th and Di was closest on that hole.  The other scores were Ros Darton 32, Jill Barnes, Di 31, Melanie McLennan 30, Patricia 29, Judy Lester, Vicki Bennett 27, Zel Crook 25, Marg 24, Helen Olsen 21 and Jean Fysh.

The Lane Cup final was played on Friday. Congratulations to excited first time Honour Board winners Gill Young and John Brandon who defeated Marg Adcock and Ken Burley 3/2.

Saturday was the last Saturday for weekend points and the second last game to secure a spot in the annual shootout. Donna Keogh needed a good score to join the final 19 and that’s just what she did with 38 points. But she wasn’t the winner of the Red Rooster voucher. With an even better score of 39 points and jumping right into 2nd place on the shootout board was Jill Barnes.  Nachcha came in with 37 to secure her place at number one on the shootout board and receive a ball in the rundown along with Annice Payne on 33. As we only had 19 in the field, these were the only balls in the rundown. The graded pin on 5 went to Judy Lester, Yvonne Pinington and Janet Davis. The All In on the 13th went to Donna and Donna also received 2 balls in the Pro Pin and Jill received 1. Other scores were, Ros Darton, Judy Lester 32, Melanie McLennan 31, Yvonne Pinington, Helen Olsen, Janine Stewart 30, Wendy Rhea, Tracey Spinetti 29, visitor Maxine 28, Zel Crook, Janet Davis 27, Patricia Eastwell, Gwen Mills 26 and Anne Lyons 24.

As said earlier, last day for points and qualifying for the shootout is today when we play our final Mid-Week Medal. We thank the RSL once again for all their support this past year. There are about 5 ladies who, with a score of 37 or more may make their way into the shootout, so good luck and play well.

The money board was drawn last Wednesday. Congratulations to Brian Davidson, Stuart Wade, Alan Matthews and George Campbell on their win. Thank you to all members who support this fund raising raffle. 

As mentioned last week our women’s AGM is being held on Sunday at 1.30 pm. Please come along and bring any suggestions and questions for our golfing year next year. The Club AGM is 6.30 pm on Monday night.

Remember the Christmas Party on Wednesday the 11th, golf followed by lunch on the deck.

Saturday will be a single stableford sponsored by Coles.

Welcome back to our Captain Mary after her amazing golfing holiday in Cambodia. I’m sure she will have lots of stories for us.

Our very best wishes go out to our Patron Rodney Macdonald who is a patient in Wesley Hospital at the moment. We hope to see Rodney back playing soon.