Men - 11/11/2019

It was a big weekend at the Warwick Golf Club last weekend with the Malthouse stableford on Saturday and the National Australia Bank sponsored Mercantile Day on Sunday.
On Saturday young Michael Watt was successful winning the event on a countback with an excellent 41 points. He defeated Slim Eldridge who also returned 41 points. The run down saw Dave Speedy on 39, Wayne Watt (not able to match the youngster ) on 38 points with Billy McKillop on 37,  and Ray Dudley and Eddie Kemp on 36 points.
It would have been an interesting conversation around the dinner table on Saturday night with Michael and Wayne discussing the ups and downs of the day I'm sure.
The pin shots went to Kris McLennan on the 7th and 16th, Josh Hynes on 9 and Michael Hoskin on 11
The pro pin on 13 saw Michael Watt win 4 balls, Doug Wilson who has taken over from Michael Hoskin as the most prolific ball winner in Warwick winning three balls, Mal Galloway 2 and Eddie Kemp winning a ball.
The winners of the best nett event on Sunday were jay Roberts, Mitch McLennan, Josh Hynes and Drew Costello with a 55.75 nett.  Some tipsters say that young Mitch couls even be as good as big brother Kris if he put his mind to it.  Well done to the team. Runners Up were Leon Sticklen, Neil Moore, Adam Neilson and Steve Gander on 56.375. Second runners up were Jason Nightingale, Troy Hughes, Craig Newman and Dan Nevin on  56.375 also. The best gross with an 8 under off the stick were Dave Speedy, Slim Eldridge, Danielle Seibel and Col Dyer coming over the other side of the bar.
Slim Eldridge is obviously back in form with a couple of very good days over the weekend.
Club President Don Stewart would like to thank all of the workers that turned out during the week to help in any way with the course renovations and in particular the greens work. Craig and Jake were doing the extra yards as well and a special thanks to them for their hard work. Don said it was a great team effort and asks that all members be a little understanding while the greens are recovering from their traumatic experience. It is still the best conditioned course in the district and a credit to all concerned.
President Don also wanted to remind all members that the AGM is upcoming on Monday 25th November starting at 6.30am and naturally would love to see a big turnout at the meeting. If you think that you would be of assistance to the running of the Club in any way, now is the time to put your name forward.