Womens Updates - 9/10/2019


Congratulations to Di Johnson for winning last Wednesday’s single stableford sponsored by Cherry Tree Coffee and Diningand contested by 24 ladies. There was one point between the top 3 players.  Di scored 36 points closely followed by Ellie Casey with 35 points on a count back from Ann Ellis.  Anne Lyons 32, Judy Lester 32 and Mary Young 31 won balls in the countdown. Melanie McLennan won the approach on the 13th.  The winners on the approach to the 5thwere Anna Cox (A grade), Majella Kahler (B grade) and Marlene Vincent (C grade). The pro pin on the 16thwent to Anna Cox (2 balls) and Anne Lyons.

Scores : Y. Pinington, M. Kahler, J. Stewart 30; M. McLennan, D. Macdonald, H. Olsen, 29; J. Stiff, P. Hemmings, T. Bell 28; M. Adcock 27; A. Cox, G. Porter 26; P. Eastwell 25; A. Payne, J. Bowles, J. Fysh 24; M. Vincent 22; G. Young.

Saturday saw 24 players play in the October Monthly Medal Stroke event sponsored by the Condamine Sports Club.  Congratulations to Mary Young on her Division 1 win with 68 nett.  Justine Washbourne was just behind her to be runner-up with 69 nett.  It was lovely to see Justine back for a visit from Bli Bli on the weekend.Molly Seibel had 29 putts today, winning the Division 1 putting on a count back from Gwen Mills.  

Congratulations to Division 2 winner Annice Payne with 73 nett and the runner-up with 76 nett, Roslyn Darton.  Patricia Eastwell had 34 putts today and took out the putting win on count back from Donna Keogh and Annice Payne.

Balls in the rundown went to Sam Hinze, Molly Seibel, Marg Adcock and Janine Stewart. The Pro Pin went to Marg Adcock (2 balls), Jill Barnes, Sam Hinze and Molly Seibel. Janine Stewart won the approach on the 5th.  Sam Hinze won the A grade approach on the 10th. Yvonne Pinington won the B grade approach on the 18thand Lois Wilson won the C grade approach on the 17th.

Scores: Division 1 – S. Hinze, M. Seibel 75; M. Adcock, J. Stewart, G. Mills 76; M. Mclennan, J. Barnes 77; M. Kahler, A. Cox 80; D. Seibel 81; E. Casey 82;H. Olsen 83; T. Ingall 84, D. Evans. Division 2 – D. Keogh 77; P. Eastwell 79; A. Lyons 83; Y. Pinington 84; L. Wilson 91; W. Rhea 94.

The qualifying round of the 4BBB Mixed Stroke Lane Cup Honour Board Event was played on Sunday by 14 teams. Many thanks to everyone who came out to participate in this annual competition, remembering Mona and Jack Lane (Marg Adcock’s parents) who retired from playing golf in 2004 and established this Warwick Golf Club event. Mona and Jack were both Life Members of our club and are fondly remembered by many current players. Congratulations to the winners of the day, Majella Kahler and Mick Banks with 62 nett. Runner-ups Mary and Scott Young were close behind with 63 on count back from Mel McLennan and John Devitt who won balls in the rundown together with Janine Stewart & Rod Winterton 65 c/b. 

Other teams:- H Olsen & D Craggs 65, M & L Otts 66, A & J Ellis 67, M & G Carey 67, G Young & J Brandon 67, W Rhea & A Matthews 68, M Adcock & K Burley 69, D Seibel & T King 69, Y Pinington & K Farrell 70 and J & B Lester 70. Ladies approaches went to M Young 5th, M McLennan 7thand M Adcock 11th. 

As the Lane Cup is an Honour Board event only full financial members of the club are eligible to continue on in Match Play. The quarterfinals are to be played on or before October 20th. The top eight qualifying teams are as follows:- No 1 M Young and S Young to play No 8 Y Pinington & K Farrell, No 2 M McLennan & J Devitt to play No 7 D Seibel & T King, No 3 H Olsen & D Craggs to play No 6 M Adcock & K Burley and No 4 G Young & J Brandon to play No 5 W Rhea and A Matthews. 

Coming up: 9 October – Single Stableford, 12 October – Single Stableford, 13 October – Women’s Pink Day Cancer Fundraiser

There is still time to nominate for the Pink Day above. It will be a fun game encouraging those new to golf to come along so please contact Judy or Mary if you would like to be in a team.  

Lots of golf coming up - hope to see you on the course.

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