Women - 28/8/2019

Women’s Golf Notes 28/8/19 

Wednesday we played in the monthly Style Shoes 9/18 hole stableford.  There were 26 players and Patricia Eastwell had a lovely game with 37 points to win from Di Evans and Marg Adcock who were both close on 36.  Anna Cox won the front nine prize on a 3 way countback and just when it looked like we might have an 8 way countback for the back nine the last card received from Marg showed 18 points.  Well done to all, some good close scores.  The Approach on 5 went to Marg, the graded on 16 was Ellie Casey, Yvonne Pinington and Gwen Porter.  Judy Lester collected 2 balls in the Pro Pin on 13 and Mary Young and Ellie received one each.  The remaining scores were, Helen Olsen 35, Lois Wilson 34, Mary Young, Anna Cox 32, Di Macdonald, Judy Lester, Joan  Burt 31, Michelle Wright, Lyn Gibson, Trish Bell, Yvonne Pinington 30, Jill Barnes 29, Ellie Casey, Kath Devereux 28, Nachcha Craggs 27, Gwen Mills, Patti Hemmings, Gill Young 26, Jean Fysh, Di Johnston, Judy Stiff 24, Joy Bowles 22, Gwen Porter 19.

Saturday was also a stableford sponsored by another monthly sponsor, KFC. The winner of the day was Jill Barnes on 37, followed by Donna Keogh who beat Anne Lyons on a countback on 36.   Funnily enough these were the same winning scores as Wednesday!  The balls in the rundown went to Anne and the three ladies with scores of 35, Tub Ingall, Judy Lester and Mary Young.  Ros Darton took the All In pin on 11 with Danielle Seibel, Anne Lyons and Janet Davis taking the graded on 7.  Gwen Mills won the Stoney’s pin on 5 as well as 2 balls in the Pro Pin. Mary Young and Trish Bell received one each.  Other scores on the day were Trish Bell 34, Ellie Casey, Danielle Seibel 33, Trish Roberts, Louise Carey 31, Molly Seibel, Yvonne Pinington 30, Helen Olsen 29, Patricia Eastwell, Nachcha Craggs 28, Janet Davis, Zell Crook 27 and Gwen Mills 25.

Last Friday the team of Melanie McLennan, Judy Lester, Jill Barnes, Di Evans and Nachcha Craggs played Pittsworth at Cabarlah in the Adam Falconer pennants.  While only receiving 1 and a half points, it was a great welcome back to pennants after 15 years for Di Evans with a convincing win of 6/5. Mel had a squared match, Judy was one down, Jill had a close match after having to give 15 strokes to her opponent and Nachcha on debut, had to give 18 strokes and with that advantage her more experienced opponent was too good on the day.  We are now sitting in 4th place with one more round to go.  A good win over Clifton at City in September may see us closer to 2nd position. City have had a great year and are sitting at the top of the leaderboard on 35 and a half points. They have the bye next round but have secured the shield for this year.

A reminder that from Wednesday 4th September the afternoon games will revert to the 12pm tee time as the months warm up into Spring.  That day will follow our Open Day on Tuesday the 3rd and will be a fun 3 club plus a putter event. With regards to Open Day, as well as prizes for the goose club, the committee would ask that you provide a slice for afternoon tea on the day.  We are expecting the numbers to be well over 90 ladies so your contribution to afternoon tea would be greatly appreciated.

On a sad note, as some of you may already know, Herb Ware passed away last Wednesday. Herb and his wife Anne have previously been long standing members of the Warwick Golf Club.  Herb’s memorial service will be held tomorrow, Thursday at the Warwick Uniting Church at 2pm. Any lady members attending are requested to wear our club uniform.

Today we play for the RSL sponsored mid week medal and Saturday is a single stableford sponsored by the Belle Vue Cafe.