Women - 21/8/2019

Women’s Golf Notes 21/9/19

Sam Hinze and Mary Young have just returned from Charleville where they played in the 40th Downs & South West District Championships. Under testing conditions of having the option to either tee up or prefer the lie and playing on a mixture of grass and sand greens throughout the 18 holes, Sam once again showed her skill and adaptability in golf to win the Foursomes on the Monday, the Champion of Champions on Tuesday and when combining Wednesday’s card won the Open and Closed Championship 15 shots clear of the next player. Congratulations Sam on your deserving wins. Mary played consistently to have a top 10 finish in her Division for the stroke rounds and the runner-up nett in the Foursomes.  The four Women members at Charleville were fantastic hosts to the 76 players who competed. It’s our turn next year ladies so book a few days off in August to make sure you compete while we host the visitors.

Last Wednesday we played a single stableford sponsored by Red Rooster.  No one was able to catch Trish Bell with a terrific 42 points, which now puts her way up there on the Sudz Shootout leaderboard.  She had a nice birdie on 16 along with two gobbles and even had two washes in that score, so great golfing Trish!  I guess she’ll be playing off a lower handicap next time.  Runner up was Di Evans who also had a good score of 34 points.  The All In pin on 9 went to Melanie McLennan and the graded on 13 went to Anna Cox, Di Macdonald and Marlene Vincent.  The Pro Pin was also on 13 so having paid her $1, Anna took 2 balls and Di and Ann Tomkins one each.  The run down balls  went to Jill Barnes and Nachcha Craggs both 33, Ann Tomkins 32 and Yvonne Pinington was the best of the 31’s to also receive a ball.  The remainder of the field was, Lynn Gibson, Anna Cox, Gwen Mills 31, Marlene Vincent 30, Patti Hemmings, Judy Stiff, Judy Lester 29, Jean Fysh, Ellie Casey 28, Janine Stewart, Helen Olsen, Melanie McLennan 27, Joan Burt 26, Dian Macdonald 25, Tub Ingall, Gwen Porter 24 and Joy Bowles 23.

Saturday and Sunday were sponsored by Top Two Motorcycles being our Open Weekend of golf. What a great weekend and a big thank you to Peter and Bindi for their very generous support in this event. Saturday was a stroke over two divisions with plenty of prizes.  The Division 1 gross event was won by Sam Hinze with a score of 79, runner up was Marg Adcock with 86.  Division 2 gross went to Anne Lyons with 101 off the stick and runner up was Tracey Spinetti with 102. Nett winners in division 1 were Jill Barnes with 71, runner up Di Evans 73. Division 2 best nett went to Lois Wilson 70 and runner up Trish Roberts with 74.  The approaches on 7 went to Sam, Nachcha Craggs and Trish and Helen Olsen was the closest with her second shot on 11.  The Pro Pin on 13 went to Sam, who only just missed her birdie and received 3 balls with one each going to Nachcha, Marg and Gwen Mills.  The balls in the rundown all went to division 1 players, Majella Kahler, Judy Lester, Janine Stewart and Ellie Casey.  The remaining players were Kath Devereux, Helen Olsen 76, Ann Tomkins 77, Mary Young, Gwen Mills, Yvonne Pinington 78, Nachcha Craggs 81, Anna Cox 82, Melanie McLennan 83, Ros Daron and Lou Carey. 

Then on Sunday a smaller field of 18 ladies played including 3 visitors from Pittsworth, Tenterfield and City in the stableford event.  Melanie McLennan with 37 points and Ros Darton with 36, reversed their rounds of yesterday to win the sponsors vouchers for the day.  Ros was runner up on a countback from Marg Adcock and visitor from City, Debby Routh.  Mel did well with the pins taking the 9th and the division 1 on the 11th. Helen and Ros also had their names on the graded pin on 11 and Nachcha Craggs received 2 balls for the Pro Pin on the 13th and Mary Young and Majella Kahler each received one ball. Marg and Debby 36 and Nachcha and Majella 34 also received a ball in the rundown. Other scores were, Helen and Sue Tucker (Pittsworth) 31, Mary, Judy Lester 30, Danielle Seibel, Dianne Evans 29, Tracey Spinetti, Janet Davis 28, Yvonne Pinington 27, Ann Tomkins 25, Kath Devereux 21, Lois Wilson 20.

Another reminder for our Open Day on Tuesday the 3rd September.  Please put your names on the sheet which is hanging in the presentation room and if everyone could bring a prize for the goose club, this would be appreciated to help raise some money on the day and create a bit of fun.

Today we play the Style Shoes sponsored event with winners for front 9, back 9 and overall 18 hole winner. Saturday is a single stableford courtesy of KFC and Sunday is the annual Bush Kids 4 Ball Ambrose, so get a team together and support this wonderful organisation that does so much for children who need extra support in our area.