Women - 7/8/2019

Women’s Golf Notes 

Last Wednesday we joined with Sporters for the annual Police Legacy Day.  25 ladies played including visitor from City Golf Club, Anne Louise Kelly.  The winner of the ladies competition for the day was Danielle Seibel with 35 points on a countback from Nachcha Craggs. The second runner-up was Anne Louise and third runner-up was Joy Bowles who both had 33 points.  The ladies All In pins went to Danielle on the 5th and Judy Lester on the 11th. Mary Young took the 9th pin which was All In with the men, as was Anne Louise’s shot on the 11th.  Ellie Casey took the 4th shot pin on 18.  To cap off Anne Louise’s great day of golf she took the long drive on 14. Also on Wednesday our first circle of the year went off with Joan Burt having a fantastic shot on 16 to claim the prize.  Congratulations Joan!  Thank you to all the sponsors who supported Police Legacy and we thank them for all the generous prizes offered on the day.  The remainder of the field was as follows, Mary Young 33, Patricia Eastwell 32, Marg Adcock, Helen Olsen Marlene Vincent 30, Trish Bell, Di Evans, Diane Johnston, Dian Macdonald, Jill Barnes 29, Janet Davis, Joan Burt, Ellie Casey, Gwen Porter, Melanie McLennan 28, Anna Cox, Judy Lester 27, Tracey Spinetti 26, Gill Young 25, Yvonne Pinington 23 and Jean Fysh 22.

On Saturday, in weather more associated with Spring, 22 ladies played in the August Monthly Medal.  The divisions were a bit lop-sided with 17 players in division 1 and 5 in division 2. Marg Adcock, 73 nett and Trish Bell, 72 nett were the division winners. Melanie McLennan was runner up in division 1 with 76 nett on a countback from Anna Cox and Janet Davis was runner up with 78 nett in division 2.  The putting prizes went to Marg with 28 putts and Janet with 31.  The All In pin on 16 went to Di Macdonald and the graded went to Sam Hinze and Nachcha Craggs.  The C grade wasn’t claimed.  Liz Cockram earned herself 3 balls in the Pro Pin on 13 with Anne Lyons and Marg receiving 1 each.  The other scores were, Helen Olsen, Janine Stewart 77, Liz Cockram 79, Mary Young, Judy Lester 80, Ellie Casey, Sam Hinze, Donna Keogh, Louise Carey, Anne Lyons 82, Gwen Mills, Di Macdonald, Nachcha Craggs 83, Jill Barnes 84, Danielle Seibel, 85 and Tub Ingall 87. 

Then on Sunday 12 pairs contested the annual Mixed Foursomes Championships played over 36 holes.  Kris and Melanie McLennan backed up their efforts from the past two years to again secure the title with a total gross score of 151.  Not too far behind were Rhys Farrell and Judy Lester on 160.  The nett winners of the day were Con Seibel and Yvonne Pinington with 132, Kris and Mel were the nett runners up with 137. The 1st 18 hole winners were Rhys and Judy on 68.5 nett, runners up Ken Burley and Jill Barnes 70.5 and the 2nd 18 was Tony and Majella Kahler with 71.5, runners up Eamon and Liz Cockram 72.5. The pins were shared around and went to, Kris and Mel on 5, Rhys and Judy on 7, Garry and Marg Adcock on 9 and 16 and Tony and Majella on 11.  The Pro Pin on 13 went to Con, 3 balls, Shane Scotney 2 and Marg Adcock 1.  Other couples enjoying the day were, Mary Young and Brendan Landrigan, Danielle Seibel and Slim Eldridge, Nachcha and Dave Craggs, Molly Seibel and Shane Scotney and Janine and Ian Stewart. Thank you to Greg Carey from Carey’s Meats Yangan for the generous sponsorship of the day.

We would like to wish Mary Young and Sam Hinze the best of luck as they head out to Charleville next week to represent our club in the Ladies Downs and South West Championships.  Good golfing ladies and travel safely.  

Today we play a single stroke sponsored by Coles and Saturday will be a single stableford by another of our valued sponsors, Cherry Tree Coffee and Dining.