Women - 17/4/2019

Women’s Golf Notes for April 17th 

The Coffee Club sponsored 4BBB on Wednesday April 10thwas contested by 22 players being won by Tub Ingall and Michelle Wright with 39pts. Close behind were Mel McLennan and Anna Cox on 38pts. The two pairs in the rundown were Patti Hemmings and Ann Tomkins 37 followed by Helen Olsen and Anne Lyons on a 3-way countback on 35. Many thanks to the Coffee Club for their generous sponsorship of this event. The remaining field were all within 2 shots:-  N Craggs & J Stiff, L Cockram & Y Wallace, M Kahler & J Stewart 35, V Bennett & J Fysh, J Barnes & E Casey 34 and A Payne & J Aspinal, J Singleton & M Young all on 33. Welcome Yvette to your first competition game this year. The all-in approach went to Anne, the graded one to Mel, Annice and Judy. Majella won 2 balls in the pro pin with Jill and Michelle winning one ball each. 

Tub continued her good form on Saturday April 13thand won the Cherry Tree Coffee & Dining Single Stableford with 34pts on a countback from Anna. A repeat performance of the above results! Well played ladies and many thanks to Scott Morton of Cherry Tree for his sponsorship to women’s golf. With only 16 in the field the only two balls allocated in the rundown went to Yvonne Pinington 33 and Nachcha Craggs on 32. Remaining scores:- M Wright 31, A Lyons G Young T Spinetti 29, A Payne 28, E Casey D Evans 27, M Young J Barnes J Lester 26, Z Crook 25 and J Aspinall. Anna and Tub shared the approaches which is not surprising given their results:-  Anna for the all-in and one ball in the Pro Pin, Tub for the A grade one, The Stoney Fishermonger $20 voucher and 2 balls in the ProPin. Gill Young got a look in for the B Grade approach and the last one on offer for C Graders was a skinner.

Having had a 4BBB recently on a Saturday and a Wednesday, it is now time to find your partner for the 4BBB Handicap Matchplay Honour Board event coming up in mid-May. The May program was emailed by Mary to all players earlier this week with printouts available in the presentation room. A contact list of all players is also printed and available. A planning sheet for partners and groups is on the back wall ready to be completed, together with last year’s planning in case you’ve forgotten who you played with!  

Names are coming in for the 9 hole ambrose on April 28thwhich should be a fun afternoon of golf and friendship. Ring Judy or Mary if you want to be involved.  Information about this afternoon and the 18 hole 2 ball ambrose on Monday May 6thsponsored by Thailand Golf Tours is all posted in our presentation room for your perusal. A printout detailing the ‘ladies only’ Vietnam Golf trip is also available. 

At presentation we discussed rules for playing out of a bunker with 3 references to the new ‘Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf’. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with these rules which many of us have recently used. Rule 12 p85 for bunkers generally explains  what you can and can’t touch in a bunker now. Rule 16 p96 for relief from water in a bunker details the free relief option and an option for a 1 shot penalty. Rule 19 p119 for the 4 options if your ball is unplayable in a bunker with varying penalty strokes. The diagrams in each case are very self-explanatory and a great asset to our understanding of these rules. 

You will have noticed the new toilets are finished near the 4thgreen. Sincere thanks to the many people who have made this project possible, in particular our club President Don Stewart for overseeing. President Judy and Mary are now finalising the required paperwork for the Female Facilities Grant which they were successful in obtaining for the total costings. Thanks also to the ladies who are continuing to maintain the cleanliness of both the old and new toilets, in particular Joely Singleton.  

Today we play a Red Rooster single stableford from the red markers followed by a COLES sponsored single stableford on Easter Saturday. Enjoy this special time of the year and safe travels if you are leaving town.