Women - 12/3/2019


Golf takes on a whole new set of challenges at Championship time and it’s usually only the winners who are smiling at the end of the day.  On Saturday Liz Cockram was wearing the happy face and on Sunday it was Dianne Evans’ turn. Saturday was the first round of the Championships and Liz picked just the right time to play her best round ever, a great 85 gross giving her the winning score of 69 nett. In the second round on Sunday a good under-par 70 nett showed Di is returning to form after her recent hip operation and was ten shots better than her Saturday score.

Thirty-four women turned up for the Warwick Watchmakers & Jewellers’ trophy on Saturday, an elegant crystal vase chosen by John. An errant shot over the fence on 15 cost Liz Ellis her chance but she hung on to win the runner-up voucher on a countback of 71netts. Scoring a ball in the run-down were                       L Wilson 71, A Cox 72, A Tomkins 74 and A Payne 75. Balls for app shots went to M Adcock, S Hinze,           J Washbourne and M Burley and the Stoney’s Fishmongers voucher was won by L Cockram with a chip in birdie on 7. The Pro Pin winners were M Young, M McLennan, M Adcock, J Lester and D Evans. Best gross scores in each grade were: (A)  S Hinze 80, (B) J Washbourne and A Payne 97, (C) L Wilson 104. Scores for the rest of the field were:  D Keogh, T Bell 75, E Casey 76, M Adcock, M Young, J Washbourne 77, M Seibel, S Hinze, M Kahler, T Spinetti 78, H Olsen, N Craggs 79, D Evans, J Barnes 80, J Lester,                 M McLennan 81, J Stewart, V Bennett 82, M Burley, J Singleton 83, Z Crook 84, Y Pinington 85,                   C Brandon 87, P Eastwell 88, R Darton, M Wright, K Morrison 89, J Davis.

On Sunday thirty-two players nominated and a countback of 71 netts was again needed to find the runner-up for the Bell’s Butchery voucher. Both  Nachacha Craggs and Mel McLennan had improved markedly on their Saturday game with Nachacha prevailing for the trophy. Trish Bell was on hand to present the happy winner with her meat voucher. Run-down balls were won by M McLennan 71, D Seibel, M Young and J Stewart 74. The app shots went to A Cox, M Young and T Bell and winners in the Pro Pin were S Hinze, M Adcock, M Young and M McLennan. Best gross scores in each grade were: (A) M McLennan 82, (B) N Craggs 91, (C) L Wilson 109. Other scores: J Barnes 75, A Payne, T Bell, V Bennett, H Olsen, T Spinetti 76, J Washbourne, L Wilson, E Casey, E Cockram, J Lester 77, A Cox, M Wright, A Tomkins 78, J Singleton 79, K Morrison80, M Adcock, S Hinze 81, L Ellis 82, R Darton, M Kahler, C Brandon 83, M Seibel 84, Y Pinington 87, M Burley, D Keogh 88.

Last Wednesday a smaller field of twenty-two, depleted by seven members travelling to Pittsworth for the first Open Day of the year, played in a single stableford for the monthly KFC voucher. On the comeback trail and improving every week, Ann Tomkins put it all together to return a fabulous 41 pts to take home the chicken. Well played Ann. Dianne Evans was the runner-up with a creditable 36pts, usually enough to win an event. Run-down balls went to J Lester 35, D Johnston 34, G Porter 33, and H Olsen 32, and the app shots were won by M Adcock, J Lester, H Olsen and P Hemmings . The three balls in the Pro Pin were won by J Lester and A Tomkins.  Other scores: M Adcock 31, J Burt 30, T Spinetti 29, P Eastwell 28, P Hemmings, Z Crook, J Singleton, N Craggs 27, V Bennett,  J Maher, J Bowles 26, J Stiff, A Ellis 25, J Aspinall , G Young, C Munro 24. The seven travelers found the conditions at Pittsworth very hot and dry but were able to earn 5 pts for our Open Day Pennants total. The flyer for our next Open Day at Clifton on Wed 20 March is on the back wall and nominations are now being taken.

Today is Crimestoppers’ Charity Day and we are playing a 2 ball Ambrose with shotgun starts at 7am and 12 noon. There are prizes for women’s, men’s and mixed teams and there are still plenty of spots on the timesheet. Next weekend will see the Championships finalized with the playing of the 3rd and 4th rounds. The timesheet is in operation for Saturday’s round but Sunday’s game is a seeded draw for the top 6 players in A and B grade and the top 3 in C grade. The draw will be completed after play on Saturday so you are asked to contact Mary or Judy or the Pro Shop after 5.30 pm to find out if you are required and at what time.  Don’t just presume you are not in the top six if there’s any chance you might be. A no-show throws the whole Championship field out. Timesheet spots are also available for those not in the seeded draw. The trophy for Saturday’s nett event is being kindly donated by Kim at Stephanie’s Lingerie and on Sunday the nett winner’s trophy will be provided by Lynn from Bryson’s Place. Both ladies are long-term sponsors of our women’s club and we appreciate their support.

After play on Sunday our Championship sponsors from helloworld and Wickham Freight Line will join us on the deck for the presentation of the many trophies on offer. This will be a combined presentation and a good chance to wind down after the rigours of the four day’s play. While socializing don’t forget to organize a group for the 4BBB Stableford to be played the following Saturday – 23 March. If you would like assistance finding a group of four please let Mary know.

Best of luck and good golfing to everyone this weekend.