Men - 12/3/2019

There were a number of interesting situations after the first two rounds of the Hutchinson club championships last weekend.
Firstly, on Saturday we had a six way tie for first place which is unheard off in recent years. Captain Tony was kept very busy doing countbacks before declaring Eddie Kemp the winner with his 82 off the stick.
This was an outstanding effort as Eddie started off with 6 over after the first couple of holes before fighting back for his 82 which was setting the pace for the "B" grade after the first round. Tony would have been checking the countbacks twice as he was the unfortunate runner up with his 83 off the stick. Others that recorded 66 nett were Matty Tate with a great 72 off the stick, Brett Donovan playing very well, Brodie Quirk, a relatively new player also playing very well and Errol McGrady having his best score for months.
The scores were generally very good, much better than in previous weeks. The 22 ml of rain on Friday afternoon must have made things easier. Kris McLennan was leading "A" grade after the first round with  a 69 par round giving him a three shot lead at that stage over Matty Tate and Shaun Campbell.
The "B" grade was close with Eddie Kemp a shot in front of Tony Kahler and Don Warrener with a number of players only a shot further back on 84 including Brett Donovan and Brodie Quirk.
The "C" grade  was also very close with Phil McEvoy leading with a 91 from  Gunter Nicklich and Bobby Lester on 92 and John Porter and Rodney Macdonald on 93.
The run down winners on Saturday were Matty tate, Brett Donovan, Brodie Quirk and Errol McGrady all on 66, Ted King on 67 and Gunter, Shaun Campbell and Charlie Morrison all on 68. The NTP winners were Slim on the 5th, Ron Simon on 7, Matty Tate on 9, Charlie Morrison on 11 and John Porter on 16. The pro pin on 13 saw Jay Roberts win 4 balls, Con Seibel 3 balls, Geoff Hinze 2 balls and Kerrin Delaney, Matt tate and Josh Hynes all win 1 ball.
All in all there were 17 players that played to their handicap or better on the day which is a much higher number than you will usually find.
Things completely changed on Sunday when Kris McLennan completely put his seal on the championships with a sensational round of 63 (6 under) off the stick and naturally, that was enough to win the trophy for the day. What a sensational round on the big stage and congratulations to Kris who surely will hold the championship cup aloft on next Sunday after that performance. Kris reduced his 1 handicap to .1 and is the first club golfer we have had in years off scratch. A great performance.
The unfortunate runner up was Ross Bell who had his best round in a long time recording  63 nett and surely the big fella must have thought that would be enough. The same might apply to Sam McLennan and Garry Adcock both recording 64 nett which would have won most Saturdays for the past months.
The run down saw Garry Adcock and Sam on 64, Chris Hynes and Brett Donovan on 65, Don Warrener on 67 and Matty Tate and Shaun Campbell on 68.
The NTP's on Sunday saw Ross Bell win the 5th, Chris Hynes the 7th, Kris McLennan the 9th, Matty Tate the 11th and Ross Kingston the 16th.  The pro pin on 13 saw Ross Bell win 4 balls, that good golfer Eamon Cockram 3, Dave Speedy and Chris Hynes 2 and Kerrin Delaney, Shaun Campbell and Don Warrener a ball each.
Naturally Kris McLennan is well in front in "A" grade with Shaun Campbell, Matty Tate and Sam McLennan his nearest chasers.
In "B" grade Don Warrener's 79 on Sunday puts him 4 shots in front of Eddie Kemp, Garry Adcock and Brett Donovan.
The "C" grade is tight with Phil McEvoy a narrow leader from Rod Macdonald.
Players are reminded that the first two groups in each grade are required to play in a seeded draw next Sunday. That seeded draw will be posted on the Warwick Golf Club wed site on Saturday evening and also posted on the Facebook page however if neither are your bag, a simply call to the Pro Shop on Sunday morning will let you know what time you are off on Sunday. If you believe that you are in the top eight after Saturday but will not be playing on the Sunday please let Captain Tony know on Saturday before the seeded draw is done.
Best of luck to all players next weekend.