Women - 5/3/2019


Cooler weather has returned as we enter the business part of the golfing year bringing with it the anticipated bigger fields. March is Club Championship month, the commencement of Open Days and pennant competitions and the start of two state wide events, the Gertrude McLeod and the GQ Brooch.

Our final event in February attracted a good field of twenty-six players to the RSL Memorial Club sponsored Mid Week Medal. RSL vouchers were won by Tub Ingall in Div 1 and Di Johnston in Div 2 with scores of 72 and 70 nett respectively. Di has only been playing competition golf for thirteen months and on Wednesday she cleared the first major hurdle for every new golfer when she returned a 99 gross score. Di had six strokes to spare from runner-up Michelle Wright on 76 nett. Congratulations Di. It’s all downhill from there. Enjoy your new 26.6 handicap while it lasts.

 In Div 1 Tub again showed she is a white course specialist, winning her third medal for the year out of the five played. Well played Tub. The rest of the field was lined up closely behind her with Anna Cox the runner-up on 73 nett. The run-down balls went to Jill Barnes, Nachacha Craggs, Mary Young and Judy Stiff and pins were won by Gill Young, Anna, Michelle and Judy Stiff. Mary Young also took the Pro Pin with Judy Lester and Michelle Wright sharing the rest. Nachacha is now playing in Div 1 and was the best putter in that division and it was no surprise that Di Johnston also won the putting in Div 2. It was great to welcome back from Ipswich past-President Chris Hankinson-Jones who has been out of golf for some time following an arm injury.

Scores on the day were as follows: Div 1- 74 J Barnes, 75 N Craggs, 76 M Young, 77 H Olsen, J Lester, 80 E Casey, 81 J Stewart, 84 A Payne, 87 M McLennan, 91 C Hankinson-Jones. Div 2- 77 J Stiff, 78 A Ellis, 79 A Tomkins, T Bell, J Burt, 81 M Vincent, 83 P Eastwell, L Wilson, 85 J Davis, G Young, 86 J Aspinall, 90 Y Pinington. 

On Saturday last we played the March Monthly Medal which is kindly sponsored every month by our partners, the Condamine Club Hawker Rd Function Centre. With an early morning score of 72 nett it looked a foregone conclusion that Tub Ingall would win the third Monthly Medal event in a row and it wasn’t until the last group of the day handed their cards in that she was beaten. A great round of 82 off the stick saw Marg Adcock return the same score and beat Tub into second place on a countback. It also clipped enough off her handicap to put her back into single figures for the fourth time. Playing with Marg in what must have been a hot group, Ann Tomkins and Ros Darton both returned 74 nett scores to be declared the winner and runner-up in Div 2. Ann is just returning from a run of injuries while Ros, like Di Johnston, has only been playing for twelve months and is also chasing the elusive sub 100 round, so we can expect to see more good golf from these two in the coming months.

Winners in the run down were Di Evans, Lois Wilson, Mel McLennan and Carole Brandon and approach shots went to Mary Young, Marg, Nachacha Craggs and Ros. The Pro Pin saw three balls to Mary Young who is having a good run of pin shots at the moment, and one to Ros, Janine Stewart and Mel. The day’s putting awards were won by Danielle Seibel and Carole Brandon. Other scores were: Div 1 – 75 M McLennan, 78 J Barnes, 79 N Craggs, 80 D Seibel, S Hinze, 81 E Casey, J Stewart, 82 A Payne, 83 L Cockram, H Olsen, 85 M Young, 90 M Seibel, 91 A Cox Div 2 – 74 D Evans, 75 L Wilson, 77 C Brandon, T Spinetti, 82 P Eastwell, 83 J Davis, 84 K Morrison, 85 T Roberts, 86 A Lyons, 93 D Keogh, T Keogh.

This weekend we will play the first two rounds of the Club Championships. The Conditions of Play have been sent to every member and are displayed in the women’s Presentation Room. The grade you will play in is determined by your GA handicap before play on Saturday, not the daily handicap printed on your card. You should check your handicap on Golflink before you arrive. A Grade is a handicap of 18.4 or less. B Grade is 18.5 to 29.4 and C Grade is 29.5 or over. You will stay in the grade you start in for the Championship, regardless of what happens during the four rounds.  You will also compete in the approach shots for that same grade. Timesheets for Saturday and Sunday are available in the Pro Shop. All women members must play in women’s groups. Groups of three are recommended unless a four is required to accommodate all players. Please endeavour to have your name on the timesheet by Friday am. With cooler weather about we are hoping for big fields to both start and finish the four rounds. While the Club Championship is likely to be a one horse race there are plenty of options in the B and C grade and it would take a brave punter to try to pick the trifecta at this stage. Saturday’s daily event is for a trophy generously supplied by Warwick Watchmakers & Jewellers. We thank John and Chris for their sponsorship over many years of Club Championships. On Sunday good members Trish and Ross Bell of R&P Bell’s Butchery will provide the winner’s trophy for the day’s event. Good golfing to all members.

Just a reminder that Captain Mary needs to know soon if anyone may be interested in taking a DSW organized bus from Toowoomba to the 50th anniversary district championships in Charleville in August.  Next Wednesday 13 March is Crimestoppers’ Day so organize your partner for the 2 Ball Ambrose and turn up at either of the shot-gun starts as listed in the Sporters’ notes today.