Women - 11/2/2019

Women’s Golf Notes 13/2/19


We were greeted with a much cooler day last Wednesday and this was reflected in the wonderful field of 34 players, the largest field in a long time.  Congratulations and a warm welcome to our winner and newest playing member Chris Munro.  Chris had a great 44 points which included a par on the 1st hole and she of course was our deserved winner of the Red Rooster voucher.  No one could catch Chris, the closest being Judy Lester with another great round of 37 points.  The pins for the day went to Janine Stewart on the 5th and the graded on the 13th went to Jill Barnes, Justine Washbourne and Chris Munro.  The Pro Pin, which has now been relocated to the 11th for a change, went to Mary Young (2), Justine, Majella Kahler and Nachcha Craggs 1 each.  The remainder of the field was, Melanie McLennan 35, Helen Olsen 34, Mary, Jill 33, Di Evans, Janine, Joely Singleton, Nachcha, Gwen Porter 32, Jan Aspinall, Carole Brandon 31, Justine, Gill Young, Jean Fysh, Trish Bell 30, Di Johnston, Judy Stiff, Majella 29, Joan Burt, Yvonne Pinington 28, Patricia Eastwell, Janet Davis 27, Lois Wilson, Ann Ellis 26, Tub Ingall 25, Joy Bowles, Michelle Wright, Marg Adcock 24, Patti Hemmings, Zel Crook 23, Vicki Bennett and Anna Cox.


Then on Saturday after being our runner up on the last few occasions, Judy Lester took home a KFC voucher for her 35 points, winning on a count back from Joely Singleton and Molly Seibel.  Our inaugural ‘Stoney the Fishmonger’ pin was taken out by Sam Hinze on the 5th.  This will be a monthly pin with the winner collecting a $20 voucher from Stoney’s. We thank them for offering this prize.  Sam also had the A Grade pin on the 7th, Di Evans B Grade and Ros Darton C Grade.  The other All In pin went to Danielle Siebel.  Liz Cockram received 2 balls in the Pro Pin and Marg Adcock, Danielle and Judy one each.  The balls in the rundown went to Molly, Helen Olsen and Louise Carey on 34 and Di with 33. The remainder of the field of 28 were, Anne Lyons, Sam Ros, Donna Keogh 33, Danielle 32, Marg Adcock 30, Melanie McLennan, Carole Brandon, Tub Ingall 29, Anna Cox, Mel Crook, Patricia Eastwell 28, Liz Ellis 27, Jill Barnes, Nachcha Craggs, Liz Cockram, Trish Roberts, Yvonne Pinington 26, Ann Ellis, Trish Bell 24, Tracey Spinetti 23 and Janet Davis 20.


Today our monthly white marker stableford sponsored by Style Shoes returns.  There will be an overall winner, a winner for the front 9 and also a winner for the back 9.  Then on Saturday we play a single stableford sponsored by Coorey’s Drapery. Many thanks to the Coorey family for sponsoring our competition again this year.  A reminder of our Aggregate Stableford game the following Saturday which originally was to be a 40+ players day but looks as though it will be more like 50+ players which is terrific.  We would like to encourage all ladies to return to the clubhouse for presentation and afternoon tea.  The day is kindly sponsored by Country Smiles Denture and Mouthguard Clinic.  Thank you to Kathy and John Payne for supporting this exciting and fun day.