Women - 10/12/2018

Women’s Golf Notes December 12th

Full accolades to one of our newer members Justine Washbourne for winning the prestigious Medal of Medallists on Wednesday 5thwith a score of 75 nett. Justine has had an outstanding year of golf, qualifying in February, March, June, July and November to play in this Betty Phelan Honour Board event. In November 2017 Justine’s starting handicap was 41.2. It didn’t take her long through clinics with our Get Out Get Active Grant, more lessons on her own, playing in competitions whenever she was available, relentless practice and a keen attitude to improve, to reduce her handicap to 21.8. There have been many wins along the way including the B Grade Nett in her first Championships. In the Gertrude McLeod Competition, she won the local 3rdDivision and went on to play in the Invitational Winner’s event at McLeod Golf Club in Brisbane. Not only did she have the best nett of the day for the Division 3 winners from around the state but also the best overall nett of the day. Justine has also begun her Adam Falconer Shield club experience, being willing to travel and represent us at District Pennants. Justine, the ladies at Warwick Golf Club congratulate you on your achievements throughout 2018 and we look forward to sharing your future successes with you. 

We thank both the Condamine Club and the RSL Memorial Club for sponsorship of the Medal of Medallists. The trophy of the day on Wednesday was won by a regular visitor to our club Kath Devereux with 75 on a countback from President Judy Lester. The rundown went to Anna Cox 76, Majella Kahler, Marlene Vincent, and Michelle Wright all on 77. Marg Adcock won the all-in approach with Melanie McLennan, Justine Washbourne and Ros Darton winning their divisional approaches. With a good field of 29 and many players going in the Pro’s approach on the 13th, there were 6 balls given out with Judy winning two and Kath, Tracey Spinetti, Majella Kahler and Janine Stewart 1 each. 

Remainder of the field: H Olsen E Casey M Young J Barnes K Mackie R Darton 79, V Bennett T Spinetti 80, T Ingall 81, J Stewart T Bell P Eastwell J Stiff C Brandon 82, M McLennan P Hemmings A Tomkins 83, Y Pinington 84, M Adcock 85, D Johnston 88, A Ellis 91, G Mills DNF and G Young. A reminder to all ladies to make sure you sign your cards please. 

On Saturday 20 players contested the last KFC sponsored day of the year with Jill Barnes being the successful golfer with 36pts after a nice game of ‘doing everything right’ in her own words. She has even reduced her handicap by one just in time for the shootout! Our club champion Sam Hinze was close behind with 35 pts on a countback from Justine Washbourne and took out the runner-up voucher. Ball rundown went to Justine and Marg Adcock 33, Tub Ingall and Patricia Eastwell both on 32. The all-in approach was won by Judy Lester with the graded one going to Jill Barnes, Marlene Vincent and Zel Crook in their respective grades. Pro Sam’s approach on 13 resulted in Sam winning two balls and Marlene and Molly Seibel one ball each. 

Remainder of the field: M Seibel, M McLennan, T Spinetti 30, J Burt, J Lester 29, H Olsen, C Brandon, M Young 28, A Cox, Z Crook 27, E Casey 25, M Kahler 23, M Vincent 22 and R Darton.  

The Shootout on Sunday was a wonderful display of golf, comradery, support and everything you could wish for at a golf club. Nineteen starters were given their Suds Laundromat sponsored shirts by owner and playing member Vicki Bennett. We thank you enormously Vicki and Terry for your continued sponsorship of this annual event. Coming up trumps on the 18thgreen with a chip-off was Donna Keogh from Marg Adcock. Jill Barnes won the money for 3rdprize, leaving on the 17th. Donna survived 3 chip offs along the way and particularly in the latter part of the day played very consistently. Marg and Jill too played beautiful golf but with the nature of the shootout, some part of the game will get you somewhere along the way. 

Others players survived as follows:- Tracey Spinetti 16th, Trish Bell 15th, Trish Roberts 14th, Gwen Mills 13th, Molly Seibel 12th, Janine Stewart 11th, Mary Young 10th, Liz Cockram 9th, Yvonne Pinington 8th, Judy Lester 7th, Judy Stiff 6th, Melanie McLennan 5th, Janet Davis 4th, Shann O’Connell 3rd, Karen Mackie 2ndand Majella Kahler on the 1st. It was fantastic to see some of our newer members being so successful in firstly making the shootout and then doing so well. 2019 promises to be a competitive year! 

The Calcutta money was won by Vicki Bennett for drawing Donna, Dave Speedy for having Marg and Ross Bell for drawing Jill. Thanks to everyone at the club who supported buying raffle tickets for this event and the Committee for putting together the variety of prizes which all made the day such fun for everyone. The late afternoon was enjoyed by everyone on the deck with a plentiful cheese platter and plenty of natter about those costly shots! 

Today we have our fun 9 holes of golf and Christmas Party with the last day of Women’s competition on Saturday 15thplaying a red stableford. The white markers have gone into recess until the 2019 year opens with a Monthly Medal on Saturday January 12th. If you would like a game during the break please come along Wednesdays or Saturdays as usual and the Pro Shop will create a women’s comp with suitable trophy allocations depending on the field from either the Management Committee or Sporters. There will be one all in pin on both nines during these games. Enjoy the Christmas Party everyone.