Men - 27/11/2018

Warwick Men’s Golf Club Notes


  Saturday 24/11/18 we played a SS Vs Par sponsored by The Malthouse, we thank them for their generous sponsorship, with Scott McLennan the winner with a great score of +6. The runner-up OCB was Neil Moore with +4. Ball rundown: Evan Pfeffer +4, Slim Elderidge & Trevor Rock +2, Mike Hoskin +1, Jason Owens & Bob Lester Sqr. NTP: 5th Nil, 7th Matt Tate, 9th Nil, 11th Geoff Hinze, 16th Geoff Hinze. Pro Pin: Bob Lester 4 balls, Evan Pfeffer 3 balls, Trent Watts 2 balls, Mal Galloway 1 ball, Viv Roser 1 ball.

  This Saturday, 1/12/18 we play the December Monthly Medal which is sponsored by John Dee. We thank John Dee for their valued sponsorship. This is the last chance to qualify for the Medal of Medals to be held on Sunday 16th December. Tee of time to be notified. The following Saturday, 8/12/18 is a single stableford sponsored by The Malthouse.

  On Sunday 9/12/18 we play the annual club shootout which is sponsored by Condamine Steel & Rural. Thanks to Peel and the staff at Condamine Steel & Rural for their generous sponsorship. The day starts at 8am for shirt presentations with a tee off beginning at 8.30am. All qualifiers are asked to be there by 8am. 

  Please note that the 14th green has had some renovations with the “ditch” removed between the top and bottom decks. Please treat this area with respect as it is classified as non compulsory GUR. This means that you may elect to play the ball as it lies or you may take a drop, with no penalty, no nearer the hole. If you are on the lower portion of the green then you are allowed to putt through the renovated area. The flag will be kept on the upper portion of the green while this area recovers. We thank you for your patience with this issue.