Women - 26/11/2018



Definition of GOLF : The art of playing fetch with oneself  

Wednesday 21st November was the Style Shoes sponsored event with a field of 28 players playing off the white markers in a Stroke competition.

Winner was Tracey Spinnetti with a score of 36 followed by  Diane Johnston 35, Joan Burt 34, Tub Ingall 34, Margaret Adcock 34, Gill Young 34, Shann O’Connell 34, Janine Stewart 33, Judy Lester 31, Hlen Olsen 31, Patricia Eastwell 30, Dian Macdonald 30, Anna Cox 30, Gwen Mills 30, Michelle Wright 30, Mary Young 30, Majella Kahler 28, Joely Singleton 26, Gwen Porter 26, Yvonne Pinnington 26, Vicki Bennett 25, Patti Hemmings 25, Jill Barnes 25, Joy Bowles 25, Marge Burley 23, Jean Fysh 23, Ann Ellis 22 and Carole Brandon 20. Winner of front 9 was Janine Stewart with a 22 and Back 9 was Joan Burt with a 17.  All in Approach on the 5th was won by Yvonne Pinnington , graded approach on the 16th A) Margaret Adcock B) Tub Ingall C) Tracey Spinetti .  Pro Pin results were Marg Adcock 2 balls, Tub Ingall and Anna Cox 1 ball. 

Saturday 24th was a 4BBB event with 22 players taking the field.  With very windy conditions the last team to come into the club house of Anna Cox and Justine Washbourne won the day with 8+ followed very closely by R/Up Ros Darton and Helen Olsen on 7+. The following field was Tub Ingall and Ann Ellis on 6+, Ellie Casey and Jill Barnes on 5+, Marge Burley and Carole Brandon 3+, Janine Stewart and Patricia Eastwell 2+, Jane Davis and Judy Lester SQ, Mary Young and Karen Mackie SQ, Louise Carey and Marlene Vincent -1, Melanie McLennan and Yvonne Pinnington -3 and Gwen Mills and Diane Johnton -4.  All in Approach on 13th was won by Melanie McLennan, graded approach on the 9th  A) Gwen Mills B) Helen Olsen C) Ros Darton. Pro Pin was Melanie McLennan 2 balls, Justine Washbourne and Karen Mackie 1 ball each. 

The combined Medal of Medalist (Wed and Sat) is being held on Wed 5th December.  Those that have qualified are Daniel Seibel, Helen Olsen, Mel McLennan, Tub Ingall, Marg Adcock, Gwen Mills, Mary Young, Jill Barnes, Ann Lyons, Ann Tonkins, Justine Washbourne, Donna Keogh, Trish Roberts, Thomasin Keogh, Yvonne Pinnington, Ros Darton, Nachcha Paagvesoong, Patsy McIntosh, Anna Cox, Michelle Wright, Majella Kahler, Janine Stewart, Judy Stiff, Karen Mackie, Trish Bell, Annice Payne, Lynn Gibson, Carole Brandon and Patricia Eastwell.  Good Luck girls…have a fun day and remember cooking is like golf – you just slice it, chip it and put in on some greens.