Men - 21/11/2018

Warwick Golf Club notes for Wednesday 21st November.
What a cracking performance at the Warwick Golf Club last Saturday by Rod Hanson.  Rod has not been playing in competition play all that much and it is great to see him getting more involved as he is a very popular member and he certainly announced himself to competition play last Saturday scoring an almost unheard of 48 points in the Des Foster Day event.
Many thanks to Daree Foster for her support of the Des Foster Day, a former popular and long term member who served a term as President of the Australian Gold Union during his term as a Warwick Golf Club member.
Rod kicked off with a very handy 25 points on the front nine and while some may have crashed after that sort of start he kept it going to score another 23 on the back nine for his fantastic 48 points. I think your 25 handicap will take a hit Rod but what a way to lose some strokes. Very well done!!
The rest of the scores were what we might have expected with David Craggs scoring a very healthy 42 to be the runner up and win a sleeve of balls. The run down went as follows:- Phil McEvoy, Peter Farrell and Mark Scully all on 41, Trevor King, Ben Griffiths and John Brandon all on 40 and Shance Scotney on 38.
The pin winners on the day were Dave Craggs on the 5th, Ben Griffiths on 7, Kerrin Delaney on 9, George Barnsley from Borneo Barracks on 11 and that good golfer Eamon Cockram on 16. The Pro Pin on 13 saw Ben Griffiths collect 4 balls, Mal Galloway 3, Mark Thomas and Kris McLennan 2 balls each and Ron Simon, Matty Tate and Pete Farrell a ball each.
We had a good field of 56 players in the event including 4 from Borneo and Chris Oxenford from Southport.
Please note that next Saturday we play a SS -v- Par single event for the Malthouse trophy and thanks to the Malthouse for their ongoing support.
Some other very important notices are that the AGM for the Club is on next Monday at 6.30am and it would be great to see most of the members that can be there be there.
Club President Don Stewart and his small band of very willing workers have a big job to do tomorrow Thursday before the AGM.
The 14th green is being renovated which involves lifting the turf around the "ditch" towards the front section of the green and filling it in somewhat before replacing the turf on top which will create a smoother putt from the front to the back of the green and vice versa. This however requires more workers that are normally there on a Thursday and if you can help at all for a couple of hours from 8.30am tomorrow I know Don and his co-workers will appreciate your help.