Women - 18/11/2018



No reminders for AGM on 25thas it should already be in your diaries but I do want to give you a link for you to look at online (if you are able) on the new rules coming into effect next year www.golf.org.au/newrules.  There are videos to watch.  If you are unable to access this online we will be promoting the New Rules as much as we can following the AGM.  Then there is always the Pro (Sam or Steve) at the Pro shop. 

Results for Cherry Tree sponsored stroke event held on Wednesday 14thNovember saw some amazing scores. 29 women played with 3 sub 70’s being recorded.  The winner of the day was Nachcha Paggavesoong with a very impressive 64 Nett, followed by R/Up a just as impressive Melanie McLennan on 66. Congratulations to you both on excellent score.  I shouldn’t leave out the other sub 70 which was Di Macdonald on 68. On any “normal” day this would have been a winner in its own right. Maybe next week Di. So the ball run down was Di on 68, Michelle Wright 70, Mary Young 71 and Joan Burt on 72.  The remaining field results were Kath Devereux 72, Gill Young 72, Diane Johnston 72, Carole Brandon 72, Jill Barnes 73, Judy Lester 74, Helen Olsen 75, Justine Washbourne 75, Annice Payne 76, Patti Hemmings 76, Janine Stewart 76, Judy Stiff 77, Joy Bowles 77, Gwen Porter 78, Jean Fysh 78, Tub Ingall 78, Eleanor Casey 79, Anna Cox 80, Ann Ellis 81, Marlene Vincent 84, Majella Kahler 86, Vicki Bennett 86 and Joely Singleton 86. Results for the 9thAll in Approach was Patti Hemmings, Graded Approach on the 13thwas A) Melanie McLennan B) Nachcha Paggavesoong C) Diane Johnston. Pro Pin results were Melanie McLennan 2 balls, Kath Devereux and Tub Ingall 1 ball each. 

Results for Jacquis Café sponsored Stableford event held on 17thNovember.  With a field of 23 players Trish Bell won the day with a score of 39 followed by R/Up Nachcha Paggavesoong on 37. Ball run down was Mary Young 37, Majella Kahler 36, Jill Barnes 35 and Danielle Seibel 34. The remaining field results were Judy Lester 34, Tub Ingall 34, Marg Adcock 34, Louise Carey 33, Gwen Mills 32, Roslyn Darton 32, Carole Brandon 31, Samantha Hinze 30, Annice Payne 30, Jean Fysh 29, Tracey Spinetti 27, Janet Davis 27, Marlene Vincent 27, Eleanor Casey 26, Anne Lyons 25, Helen Olsen 25 and Ann Ellis 23.  All in Approach result on 11thwas Majella Kahler.  Graded Approach on 7th  A) Mary Young B) Trish Bell C) Roslyn Darton . 

A man stood over his tee shot for what seemed an eternity; looking up, looking down, measuring the distance, figuring the wind direction and speed, and it was driving his partner absolutely nuts. Finally his exasperated partner says, "What's taking you so long? Just hit the blasted ball."  The man answers, "My wife is up there watching me from the clubhouse. I want to make this a perfect shot."  "Forget it" his partner says, "you don't stand a chance of hitting her from here."