Women - 11/11/2018



REMINDERS for the silly season : 

Our last chance to add to our scores for the year concludes next Saturday and the following Wednesday and then silly season and social activities will be on the agenda. Next Wednesdays comp is a Stroke event sponsored by the Cherry Tree, followed by Saturday, a stableford event sponsored by Jacquis Café 

Saturday 24th  Nov is a 4BBB so partner up and get your names down for this fun day

Sunday 25th Nov - please put anything you wish to be addressed on the agenda sheet in the Ladies Club Room (see you there).

Wed 28th Nov – last opportunity for Mid Week Medal – This final comp of Medal of Medallist is on 5th Dec. 

Wed 12th Dec  - Xmas Party – Place your name down on the sheet or add your name next to someone who needs a partner for the fun 9 hole event     

On a really hot day I commend the 16 players that braved the heat to complete the course (I was not one of them).  Results for the KFC sponsored event on Wednesday 7th November were as follows:  winner on the day was Mel McLennan on 35 with Annice Payne R/Up on a very close 34. Winners in the ball run down were Marlene Vincent on 32 and Tub Ingall on 31. The rest of the field results were Gwen Mills 31, Joan Burt 30, Yvonne Pinington 29, Diane Johnston 28, Jill Barnes 28, Patti Hemmings 26, Helen Olsen 25, Patricia Eastwell 25, Joely Singleton 24, Anna Cox 23, Carole Brandon 22 and Vicki Bennett 19.  Gwen Mills won the All in Approach on the 7th, Graded Approach saw Gwen Mills for A Grade, Helen Olsen for B Grade and Patricia Eastwell for C. The Pro Pin resulted in Anna Cox winning 2 balls. 

 On a much more pleasant golfing day, results for the Red Rooster sponsored event held Saturday 10th November saw 27 women take the field. There were some excellent scores come in with the winner Justine Washbourne coming in with a 43 ( well done) followed by the R/Up Nachcha Paggavesoong on 40. Winners of the ball run down were Ros Darton 38, Ellie Casey 38, Janet Davis 36 and Tub Ingall on 35. The field following were Jill Barnes 35, Gill Young 35, Carole Brandon 35, Helen Olsen 35, Ann Tomkins 34, Liz Cockram 34, Karen Mackie 34, Zelma Crook 33, Sam Hinze 33, Trish Bell 33, Yvonne Pinington 32, Annice Payne 31, Tracey Spinetti 31, Danielle Siebel 30, Marlene Vincent 29, Melinda Siebell 27, Ann Lyons 26, Jean Fysh 26, Gwen Mills 25 and Thomasin Keogh DNF. Results for graded approach on the 5th A: Anna Cox B: Justine Washbourne C: Ann Tomkins. Winner of All in Approach was Tub Ingall.  Run down of Ball winners in the Pro Pin were Nachcha Paggavesoong (2), Justine Washbourne (1), Anna cox (1) and Ann Tomkins (1) 

I will leave you with this :  Have you ever noticed 

The slow groups are always in front of you and the fast groups are always behind you!!!
Brand new balls are attracted to water, and the power of attraction is in direct proportion to how much that ball cost
You can hit a 2 acre fairway 10 % of the time, but hit a 3 cm branch 90% of the time

Happy Golfing girls