Women - 5/11/2018



We are heading into the end of our year events and we all are starting to have Xmas on our minds (only 6 weeks to go).  Firstly we would like to congratulate our President Judy Lester on having an article she wrote to the Inside Golf Magazine published in the November edition which arrived at the clubhouse today.  Make sure you get your free copy and read p89 - it’s all about us achieving the Australian Golf Vision 2025 of having 30% of club membership as females - and we’ve achieved it already! You can also read it online - Inside Golf November Issue.  Secondly before I list or recent results I would like to remind you all of the upcoming events. 

The present committee would love to see as many members to be involved in the AGM on Sunday November 25th at 1.30pm (your contribution is important). Wed 5th Dec is the Medal of Medallists for those competing.   Now for those that have exceeded their expectations and made it into the “SHOOT OUT”( 9th Dec)  (2 more opportunities to qualify 14th and 17th Nov) please add name and your shirt size to the list in Ladies Club Room. The Xmas Party planning is now in full swing for Wed 12th Dec and a 9 hole fun morning with a partner is planned following a luncheon on the deck.  (see flyer sent out by Mary) So get your partner organised and sign up in Club Room.  That wraps up the housekeeping so to the results. 

Wednesday 31st October saw 27 women take the field in a Stableford event sponsored kindly by Sporters. Sporters were more than generous in their contribution to prizes for the competition and we thank them for their ongoing support of sponsorship. 

Congratulations to Dian Macdonald who won the day with a score of 38, followed by R/Up Jill Barnes on 37.  Winners of balls in the run down were  Joan Burt 37, Helen Olsen 36, Joely Singleton 36, Nachcha Paggavesoong 34, Majella Kahler 34 and Marlene Vincent 33.  13th Pin graded winners were Judy Lester, Nachcha Paggavesoong and Joan Burt. 7th Approach graded winners were Judy Lester, Helen Olsen and Di Johnston.  Pro Pin ball winners were Tub Ingall, Anna Cox and Marg Adcock.  The following field scores were Diane Johnston 32, Gwen Porter 32, Yvonne Pinington 32, Anna Cox 32, Judy Lester 32, Michelle Wright 31, Pattie Hemmings 31, Patricia Eastwell 30, Janine Stewart 30, Gwen Mills 30, Eleanor Casey 30, Marg Adcock 30, Jean Fysh 28, Gill Young 28, Judy Stiff 27, Zelma Crook 27, Joy Bowles 27, Vicki Bennett 25, Tub Ingall 23 

Saturday 3rd November saw a much smaller field of 16 for the for the Monthly Medal sponsored by the Condamine Sports Club – Winner of Div 1 was Gwen Mills with 75 followed by Annice Payne 76, Tub Ingall 77 (winner of putts 31), Jill Barnes 77, Helen Olsen 78, Mel McLennan 82.  Div 2 saw a quickly improving Nachcha Paggavesoong win with a 71 followed by R/Up Patricka Eastwell on 76, Tracey Spinetti 77, Ann Lyons 78, Donna Keogh 79, Marlene Vincent 80 (winning Putts on 30), Yvonne Pinington 87, Zelma Croook 89, Ros Darton 91 with Jan Davis have a DNF.  Graded Approach Pins went to Mel McLennan, Annice Payne and Tracey Spinetti. All in Approach went to Donna Keogh. Pro Pins balls went to Mel Mc Lennan and Jill Barnes 

Adding a little humour for you to read before I sign off :  It was a sunny Saturday morning, a little before 8 a.m.  He was on the second hole at Warwick Golf Club and beginning the pre-shot routine, when a piercing voice came over the clubhouse loudspeaker: "Would the gentleman on the woman's tee back up to the men's tee please!"  I could feel every eye on the course looking at me. I was still deep in my routine, seemingly impervious to the interruption.  Again the announcement: "Would the man on the woman's tee kindly back up to the men's tee." I simply ignored the guy and kept concentrating, when once more, the voice yelled, "Would the man on the woman's tee back up to the men's tee. please?!?!"  I finally stopped, turned around, cupped my hands and shouted back: "Would the jerk with the microphone please keep quiet and let me play my second shot!"