Women - 1/4/2020

Warwick Women’s Golf Notes for Wednesday April 1st2020

With the roller-coaster of golf being on again off again at the time of writing these notes we are playing golf with very strict conditions. Please be aware that this may change at any time and I suspect it has changed with the PM announcement tonight (Sunday) but am yet to see anything in print from Golf Queensland. 

Last Wednesday we did not have a competition even though at the last-minute Queensland golf courses were reopened for play. On Saturday 14 ladies played in the President’s Day single stableford generously sponsored by our hard-working President Don Stewart. Many thanks Don for this sponsorship and for the many hours you have spent recently keeping us all informed of the effects locally of the Corona Virus and its implications for playing golf. Tub Ingall won the day with 42 points taking only 24 putts (not that we were counting putts) but well played Tub. Also having a nice game was Vice-Captain Roslyn Darton with 38 pts (23 on the front nine alone). Rundown balls went to Helen Olsen 35, Kath Morrison Donna Keogh Joely Singleton Yvonne Pinington 31 and Melanie McLennan 30. Reminder of the field:- T Spinetti 29, J Barnes 28, M Young 27, V Bennett 25, D Seibel 24 and G Mills 22. 

As Don has requested, we are all to mark our own cards, sign them and give them to the proshop to be entered into Slice. The women’s committee are asking you to take that directive one step further and also mark another player’s score in the ‘marker column’. At the end of each hole, state your own score (to the person who is noting your score in addition to their own) and write both scores down. As usual after 18 holes please cross reference the scores by reading them out to each other. Make sure you write the other person’s name on the card somewhere to allow the handicapper to cross reference scores also if required. On Saturday there were 5 cards handed in with only the player’s single score on it. This is not really being accountable for your score. 

If play does continue it has to be in pairs from here on given the social distancing rule announced tonight (Sunday). Please organise your own partner and play during the day whenever suits you using the timesheet, from either the front or back nine. Keeping away from others is the key so we will not be congregating at the 10thtee at 11.30am. 

Today being April Fool’s Day we are playing a single stableford with a twist sponsored by the Coffee Club. A Single stableford is required so as not to be touching each other’s balls etc as in the proposed American Foursomes. Pairing scores (not your playing partner) will be twisted somehow for the winning pair! Saturday is our Monthly Medal for April which will be sponsored by Red Rooster owing to the Condamine Club not being able to sponsor us at this time. 

Our Committee meeting this week will be done through video conferencing so we are all experiencing new ways of working. With the recommendation that people over 70 stay at home we understand if you are not planning to play during this period. Please let one of the Committee know asap if this applies to you. After looking at our demographic still wanting to play we will decide on competitions, trophies and the like. It is not equitable for the younger ones to be accessing all of the opportunities and winning trophies as per usual.  Keep safe everyone and keep in touch.