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Hole 1 349m Par 4

A straightforward hole with a bunker left of the green and out of bounds right for the big slicers.

Hole 2 474m Par 5

Straight Par 5 with out of bounds on the right. Green has a bunker front right and back left.

Hole 3 424m Par 4

Straight Par 4 with out of bounds on the right again. Mounds on the right side in driving distance. Greenside bunkers on the front right and left centre of the green. Out of bounds over the back.

Hole 4 333m Par 4

A short straight Par 4. Mounds either side of the fairway help to throw your ball into the rough. Bunker on the left front of the green.

Hole 5 171m Par 3

A bunker guards the left side of the green. Many shots are pulled left into the trees or fade right to run away from the green. Tough chip if you miss left.

Hole 6 388m Par 4

A dogleg to the left. You can hit driver off the tee but don't be too long. 3 Wood from the tee is popular and usually gives you a clear shot at the green. Bunker on the front left of the green. Out of bounds over the back.

Hole 7 136m Par 3

A short hole uphill straight shot to the green, but the large trees either side of the fairway come into play centre left and nearer to the green. No bunkers here.

Hole 8 343m Par 4

A slight dogleg right, which has a sloping fairway. Most drives will run to the right. Keep it out to the left to avoid having a poor second shot. A small dry ditch runs across the front of a firm green. No bunkers surround this green.

Hole 9 187m Par 3

Fairway slopes to the right and this is a hard green to hit. Grass mounds surround the left side of the green and again there are no bunkers here to contend with, but trees on the right.

Hole 10 404m Par 4

A long par 4. Hook it left or spray it right and bogey will be a good score. One bunker on the left side of the green.

Hole 11 136m Par 3

Depending on the wind you could be hitting anything form a 3 iron to Wedge. A new green with deep bunkers both left and right. Don't take your putts too lightly as this green will break where you thought it couldn't.

Hole 12 358m Par 4

From an elevated tee this hole is a slight dogleg to the right. Two bunkers on the left halfway down the fairway a bunker hugs the right side of the green and the flag can be tucked into some tight spots. Mounds surround the green to make chipping a nightmare. Watch the double tiered green and the water hazard which goes from 11 to 4 o'clock. Both red and yellow markers are present.

Hole 13 129m Par 3

Most golfer's nightmare. A deep watery grave, which feeds on golf balls, confronts your tee shot. Then there are two large bunkers guarding the front of the green left and right and a small bunker at the back of the green.

Hole 14 323m Par 4

An uphill straight par 4, made for long hitters. The fairway slopes to the right and so will your drive. Too far left and you won't have a shot at the green as the big trees don't have much air. An annoying bunker on the front right and a two-tier green, which makes three putting a breeze.

Hole 15 525m Par 5

A long Par 5, which requires two good shots to set up for the green. Water on the left in the form of dams halfway down the fairway and the stone walled canal runs about 60 metres short of the green and only the brave will take on the challenge of clearing it in two shots. Water short left and greenside right to catch the poor shots, not to mention the 2 sand traps both left and right! The hardest rated hole on our course.

Hole 16 156m Par 3

A tricky par 3. A bunker guards the front right side of the green. The green slopes from front to back and anything long will take at least four. Watch out for the water on your right and the trees on the left. Ladies your task is more straight forward.

Hole 17 335m Par 4

A straight drive up the middle will make the hole a lot easier, as the large tree on the left hinders the second shot. A new two tier green with bunkers left and right puts pressure on the second shot. Don't be up the back if the pin is down the front.

Hole 18 439m Par 5

Long and straight with a large bunker greenside right, with a tricky undulating green. A great finishing hole.


Green Fees



Juniors $10.00$10.00
Reciprocal club member $10.00$18.00
Non members $20.00$30.00
Members - water levy $2.00$2.00
Member Guest $10.00$18.00

Buggy Hire



Motorised - Members $15.00$25.00
Motorised - Non members $20.00$35.00
Pull buggy $3.00$5.00