Women - 7/12/2021

Womens’ Golf Notes for Thursday December 9th 2021 This is our final week of the Women's Program for the year. Given that carts are only just allowed back on the course we can only hope there is no more rain between now and next Monday to let us enjoy final competition day on Saturday and the Shootout on Sunday. Thank you for your patience regarding the continued postponements of the Medallist competition. Twice was enough and given the unpredictability of the weather at the present and the fact that we are very close to the end of the year we had to give some thought as to a new date. Over the weekend the Women's Committee discussed this and we have decided that it is best to wait until the New Year to run the 2021 Medal of Medallist competition. It will be on the Women's Program early in January. Next Saturday we will have a combined 18 hole and 9 hole red stableford game. Prizes will be for best 9 holes (front 9) and best 18 holes with a ball rundown. This will give everybody an opportunity to play in our final competitive game on the program for 2021. On Sunday we will be running the 2021 Shootout. A copy of the Conditions of Play is posted at the clubhouse for your information. The qualifying players are Annice, Di J, Mel, Marg, Wendy, Mary, Judy L, Anne L, Jill, Lyn, Majella, Vicki, Danielle, Molly, Sharron, Janine, Kath, Liz and Trish Bell. Congratulations to you all and good luck on Sunday! Many thanks again to Vicki and Terry of Suds Laundromat for their generous sponsorship of this annual event. Please wear black or navy bottoms to match the surprise coloured shirts. There is always much excitement as they are presented to us before we play. Spectators are welcome to follow the shootout as players are eliminated one by one as the holes progress. It’s quite a sight to witness, especially when chip offs come into the game. Watch this space next week when the major winners for the year will be printed. Competition points each game go towards the Winter Cup and Gillam Family Memorial Trophy. Eclectic Winners for both the Red Course and the White Course will also be announced at our Christmas Party which will have been held prior to publication.