Sporters - 13/10/2021

Wednesday 29/9/21 our Sporters stableford competition fielded 55 members in the Hawker Road Function Centre trophy for September. Winner on the day was Craig Burgess with 40 points, from runner-up Ross ‘The Loin King ’Bell on 39 points. Ball rundown; jessie Ollerton/ Clive Pulley 37, Pat O’Dea/Keith Farrell 36, Gunther Nicklich/Gary 2 Names/Mike Hoskin all on 35. NTP’s: Clive Pulley on 5th, the surprisingly hirsute Don Stewart on 7th, Doug Wilson on 9th and D Walker on 16th.. pro pin on 11th – Geordie Russell ( all the way back from Injune!) 4, new Sporters member Paul Deutzenberg 2, and Brendan Landrigan 1. Pro pin on 13th – Brendan Landrigan 4, Mike Hoskin 2 and Laurie Hewson 1. Wednesday 6/10/21 was the pro shop sponsored stroke round for October with a strong field of 62 members facing the starter. Winner on the day was Eddie ‘Big Cods’ with a nett 64 off his 18 handicap, from runner-up Doug Rickert ( not sure about his cods?) with a nett 65 off his 17 handicap. Ballrundown: - Ray Dudley 67, Mal Galloway/Bob Lester/ Tegan’s Dad and Diamond Pete 68, with Tony Kahler/ Turtle Wallace and Jessie Ollerton bringing up the field on 69. NTP’s – Tony Kahler on 5th, Doug Wilson on 7th, Tony Kahler again on 9th, and Peter Farrell on 16th.. pro pin on 11th – Mal Galloway 4, Mathew Penn 2, Neville Heard and Jon Pearson both 1 each. Pro pin on 13th – the bionic shoulder John Urwin 4, Tegan’s Dad 2, Mal Galloway and Ray Dudley 1 each. This Wednesday 13/10/21, we play in the Betta Home Living trophy, and the following week in the Hawker Road Function Centre trophy. The course has this week received a facial and comb-over with greens cored and sanded and a number of the tees receiving much needed attention, so members will find several temporary tees in play for the next few weeks. And finally, our golfing thought for the week especially during a bad round ; ’ Çould be worse, not sure how, but it could be!’..Eeyore ( from Winnie the Pooh) Enjoy your golf!