Sporters - 18/4/2021

Sporters Golf has just finished a very interesting month with lots to tell; Wednesday 17/3/21 saw the 19 qualifiers and three referees gathered at the Warwick Golf Club to kick off the 2021 Sporters shoot-out. After the shirt ceremony with presentations by our generous sponsor Danny Lyons, who was also a qualifier, everyone stood looking at the skies. It started raining as we hit off and got worse as the event proceeded. The first 9 holes saw many interesting issues arise; We found out that Milo can’t putt from the fringe, Pearso didn’t want to cross the road on the second, Unlucky Garry proved that he also can’t putt from off the green on 4, and things just got worse from there. Keith Clarke left early on 7th but not of his own accord this time. By the lunch stop, I was considering ducking home and nailing the dog down as the wind grew progressively stronger. There were some very lucky performances, from the eventually placegetters; Charlie proved that he needed two chips to clear a bunker on 11 and should have been gone there. 2 Names and Charlie just survived a chip-off on 13th, and a great performance by the only C grader Gary Hansen to get to the harder back holes. We lost Charlie on 17 for 3rd place and 2 Names and Tony battled up 18 to end up in a chip off won by Garry 2 Names who also finished up with the lion’s share of the Calcutta money. A very wet and bedraggled field of qualifiers and spectators then retired to the clubhouse for the presentations. A special thanks to referees Sprag, Robin Farrell and Don Warrener for their efforts in trying conditions. There was no ordinary competition that afternoon owing to Huey’s weather display! Then Huey decided on a repacharge and drowned the course and town the next week, with the course closed on 24/3/21, causing the postponement of the annual Crimestoppers annual charity day. On 31/3/21, Sporters sponsored our annual Rose Bowl and Shield matches, with the ladies from WWG competing for the Rose Bowl and the Men for the Shield. Congratulations to Jill Barnes for win in the Rose Bowl which was presented to her by Sporters President Keith Farrell. The men’s competition was very interesting with the initial reported result being winner Phil the Coach with 83 stableford points from runner-up Craig Burgess with 81 stableford points. We thought we had a world record but alas, someone pushed the wrong button setting up the comp. Real winner was Wayne Watt with 33 points from Eddie Raets on a countback. 7/4/21 saw our monthly trophy usually provided by Sam Eaves Pro shop. This is normally a monthly stoke event but went ahead as a normal stableford event, however some changes are afoot so stay tuned. Winner on the day was retired walloper Mark Paroz with 34 points from runner-up Greg Wallace on a count-back. 14/4/21 was the Hawker Road Function trophy with a good field of 64 members. Winner on the day, showing a distinct mechanical advantage, was Clive Pulley with 37 points from runner-up and very average bunker chipper-overer Charlie Morrison on 36 points. Ball rundown; - Daffy Hynes 35, Brendan Landrigan 34, Ray Dudley 34, Greg Wallace 34, Danny Lyons 33, Unlucky Garry Adcock 33, the very tyred Trevor Malone 33 and Stu Wade bringing up the rear with 32 points. NTP Mike Hoskin on 5th, Daniel Bowles on 7th, Darrell Bain on 16th. Pro pin – 11th – Trevor Malone 3, Robin Farrell 2, Greg Wallace 1. Pro pin on 13th Jon Pearson 4, Keith Clarke 3, Charlie Morrison 2 and Wayne Watt 1. The course is playing very long at the moment with the recent drought relieving rain. Staying on the fairways is a must with the rough jumping out of the ground as you look at it. Recent Sporters scores haven’t had a winning stableford result over mid – high thirties. Sporters members are saddened to hear that our long serving greenkeeper Craig Cox has resigned after 23 years service to the Warwick Golf Club. Craig and Zoe are an integral part of the Warwick Golf Club family and will be sorely missed. Craig is moving to a supervisory position with a turf management company which he will no doubt find somewhat less stressfull than his current position. Craig leaves us knowing that the course is in the best condition it has been for many years after years of battling years of drought and trying conditions. We will keep members posted on information about a send off in the next issue. And finally, our golf thought for the week for our out-of-bounders ; ‘When angry count to four, when very angry swear!!’..Mark Twain. Enjoy your golf!