Sporters - 14/2/2021

Last Wednesday, Sporters saw 69 members tee off in the Warwick Hotel trophy for February, with travelling member Geordie Russell returning on a visit from Injune.. Winner on the day, proving his skill is not just in tree killing mechanical devices, was Chainsaw Al Matthews with a very good  41 points off his 14 handicap . Runner up for the second time recently was Craig Burgess with 39 points.


Ball rundown: - Turtle Wallace/Eddy Raets/ Charlie Morrison all on 38 points, Stuart Wade and Derrick Hewitt on 37 points, followed by Wayne Foster/ Anthony Seidl and Scott McLennan  36 points.


NTP’s: peter Farrell on 5th, Charlie Morrison on 7th, Kerrin Delaney on 9th, Trevor Davies on 16th.  Pro pin on 11th – Geordie Russell 3, Craig Burgess 2, Ian Wallace/Allan Matthews 1 each.  Pro pin on 13th – Mark Paroz 3, Peter Walsh 2, and The Loin King/Stu Wade 1 each.


Highlight for many of our larger handicapped members was finally hitting the 9th green after a temporary tee 30 metres in front appeared while the 9th tee undergoes some serious surgery. Enjoy it while you can. We also say goodbye to member Eddie Raets, who has sold his business in Warwick and is heading back to South Australia ( provided he can get across the border!)


Our thanks to Sporters members for the strong level support for the parent club Open Day last Sunday. Any excellent field of 80+ guys and gals enjoyed the aggregate stableford competition.  A special mention to Ritchie the Barman, who at times must have felt like a bastard on Father’s Day. Thanks also to Sporters member Ian Skillen, who is a real treasure(r) for finding his RSA certificate in his bag, thereby assisting in preventing a pandemic of mass herd dehydration occurring!


This week we play in the  Bells Butchery trophy  and the following week in the Warwick Hotel trophy, which is the final qualifying event for Sporters shootout participants.  Our thanks to Tegan’s Dad for his record keeping for the shootout.


And finally, our golf thought for the week ; ‘Character consists of what you do on your third and fourth tries!’ James A Michener ( unless of course you are standing on the second tee!)