Sporters - 12/1/2021

Last Wednesday 6/1/21, our Sporters competition saw 66 members and visitors tee off in the Pro Shop sponsored stroke round for January.  We welcomed visitors from Foster Tuncurry & Allora GC’s. Despite teeing off in  acceptable summer weather conditions, Huey decided to come visiting about 3pm, bucketing down approx. 45 mm of rain, making the course unplayable and seeing 22 wet and bedraggled members retiring to the bar with unfinished rounds.


Winner of those who did complete their rounds was a visitor Geoffrey Lee from the Forster-Tuncurry club, who received a voucher in lieu of the winning prize, which went to Phil the Coach with a nett 66 off his 16 handicap from runner-up Doug Rickert a stroke back off his 15 handicap.


Ball rundown: Ross Kingston 68, Rhys Farrell/ Mal Galloway 69, Brendon Landrigan/Con Seibel 70, Gunter Nicklich/Peter Balfour & Craig Burgess all on 71.


NTP’s:   Doug Rickert on 5th, Neil Carney on 7th, Rhys Farrell on 9th and 16th. Pro in n 11th -  Rick Mills 4, Robin Farrell 3, Sam McLennan 2, Brendon Landrigan 1.  Pro pin on 13th – Geoff Lee  3, the Loin King 2, Charlie Morrison 1.


This Week we play in the Warwick Hotel trophy and the following week in the Bells Butchery trophy.  Members in the shoot-out are reminded that you now have 7 weeks left to qualify, with the last qualifying round on 24 February. 


For our golf thought for the week, we turn to that great British philosopher Sir Paul McCartney, who many would not know is a keen B grade golfer, but having heard that his local club was lifting the ‘preferred lies’ on his home course, penned this lament ; ‘Yesterday, golf was such an easy game to play,  now my scores I’ll need to hide away..’ sorry Paulie!!


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