Captains Report - 30/12/2020

Hi Members, We’ve had some good rain over the last couple of weeks and the course is looking great. Our match committee have agreed to lift the preferred lie, so as of this Saturday the 2nd of January 2021, no preferred lie. A one stroke penalty will be applied if a player lifts and replaces ball. PREFERRED LIE WILL STILL BE IN PLACE IN BUNKERS DUE TO COVID-19 RECOMMENDATIONS FROM GOLF AUSTRALIA. A few Saturday competitions to look out for in 2021 are: Canadian Foursomes. Red Marker Day. 4 Club Challenge. Stroke vs Par. ( + and - ) Flag event. Saturday the 30th of January, the men will be playing Canadian Foursomes. Rules for this competition are: ⁃ requires a partner. ⁃ an alternate shot format but with a twist Both golfers tee off, then decide which ball they want to continue with. The player who’s shot doesn’t get taken off the tee plays the next shot, then alternate shot until ball is holed. If you have any questions feel free to ask Brendon or the pro shop. Thanks Brendon Landrigan (captain)