Sporters - 10/11/2020

Last Wednesday 58 Sporters members finally got to complete round in  the Pro shop sponsored stroke round for November, after the welcome rainfall over the previous two weeks. Winner on the day with a nett score of 67 was Dave Speedy off his 17 handicap, from runner-up Garry 2 Names a stroke behind off his 12 handicap..


Ball rundown: Tegan’s Dad/Greg Carey/Scott McLennan on 69, Robin Farrell/Craig Burgess/John Urwin/Darrell Bain all on 70.


NTP’s:  Mal Galloway on 5th, chainsaw Al Matthews on 7th, Mike Hoskin on 9th, Mort Henderson on 16th.  Pro pin on 11th -  Danny Lyons 4, Sam McLennan 3, Tegan’s Dad 2, Bryan Slattery ( aka Dr Who 2) 1.  Pro pin on 13th – Dave Speedy 3, Dr Who 2 ( again!) Peter Walsh 1.


The Shot of Day, according to my informant ( thanks Don!) belonged to Stu Wade. Apparently attempting a trick save off the dam wall on the 16th, managed to hit the distance marker fair in the guts, for a nett loss of 150 meters, and I am assured that there was no undue laughter from his playing partners ( yeah right!)  Some other notable shots of the day belonged to Brian Davidson, who managed to hit the tree on 16th fairway and end up OOB, but I do particularly like Peter Walsh’s six ( yes 6!) putts on the 14th green!. I also understand that Con Seibel was a bit confused by the

‘WTF’ message displaying on the  scoring computer screen when he tried to enter an 11 on one of the par 3’s!  Oh well, that’s golf!


This week, we play in the  Betta Home Living trophy and the following week in the Hawker Road Function Centre trophy.  Sporters members are reminded that the annual Patron’s Day will be held on Sunday 15 November, with the nomination sheets available in the pro shop.  Club Patron  and long time Sporters member Rod Macdonald hasn’t been enjoying the best of health lately so come along and support his day and have a chat afterwards!.

And finally our golf thought for the week; ‘ I don’t let birdies and pars get in the way of having a good time!’   Angelo Spagnolo!