Occasional Update - 6/10/2020


Hello to Members of the Warwick Golf Club
Golfers will have noticed trees around the course that have been quite severely "pruned". The trees beside the 16th and 14th greens were treated this way to allow more sunlight onto those greens in order to help with grass growth/health. Limbs of other trees around the course have been removed to make it a bit fairer to play those holes, or for the safety of golfers playing under those trees.
The two Revolution Gold trees on the first tee have been pruned for reasons of sunlight on the tee. This action was a compromise between cutting them down completely and doing nothing about them at all. Their roots are also extremely invasive and have affected the grass on the tee. Hopefully, the root barrier that was installed will have the desired effect. 
Helen has given up trying to grow plants in that garden beside these trees because of the root invasions from them. Some members will be pleased to observe that these melaleucas are showing signs of regenerating already.
The three month trial period for the MiScore app has now lapsed, so members wishing to use that scoring method will need to subscribe with the $16.50 payment. A message will appear on your app screen in the next ten days that will assist you to subscribe.
18th Green
You will have also noticed that the 18th green has had some minor work done. The old bunker area on the LHS has been modified for easier mowing.
Greens Renovations
Our summer greens renovations are set for 9th and 10th of November. They will be hollow-tyned, sanded and fertilised. This process has been put off till then because of the Trainee ProAm and an influx of visiting social groups.
Nathan's Charity Day
The Greenkeeper's Revenge Charity Day on last Sunday was an outstanding success with a packed field which moved along quite quickly considering the number of players. It was also a very successful fund-raiser with over $9000 being raised to hand over to Nathan Bell. Thanks to all of the generous donors (main sponsor of the day was Elders Insurance), the Proshop and the members of the Warwick Golf Club and the employees and members of the Condamine Sports Club who all contributed magnificently towards the day. We have Nathan in our thoughts as he goes through his treatment.
Patron's Day
The Patron's Day is programmed for Sunday 15th November and is a 4BBB Mixed Stableford. Please show your support for our popular patron, Rod Macdonald, who has had a recent health setback and is recuperating in hospital at the moment. Get well soon Rodney.
This Weekend
This Saturday we have the October Monthly Medal for both men and women. For the men it is also the qualifying round for the Gray Cup where the top eight qualifiers play in a Handicap Matchplay event. Please mark your card with a large "NQ" if you do not wish to qualify for the matchplay. The first round is to be completed by Sun 18th October.


Trainee ProAm

You are probably aware that Connor and Steve are organising another Trainee Proam this year, set down for 26th October. Sponsorship is always required and is happening ok, but should members wish to help financially, it would be very much appreciated.

An alternative area where members can help is accommodation for the visiting trainees. If you able/willing to billet one or more trainees, could you contact Connor on 0456473797. It might be for one or two nights depending on the individual aspiring professional golfer’s plans.

Should members wish to play in the ProAm, $60 will earn you a start in the field and dinner at the presentation after play. Last year, this was an enjoyable and entertaining night. Should members wish to bring a guest/partner to the dinner, the extra cost would be $20. A timesheet is now open and it will be a shotgun start.


Sometimes the irrigation system plays up and sprinklers stay on for longer than they should, usually at the most inconvenient of times when greens staff aren’t on course. If members are then required to turn these sprinklers off at a valve or a solenoid valve, they should report what action they have taken to either the course staff, course volunteers or the Proshop. If the shutting down of irrigation is not reported, especially in this hot, dry weather, those areas will be affected. Nothing will be fixed until the drying out of the area becomes obvious to greens staff.

Social Golf Clubs

We have a few social clubs booked in to play at our course over the next few weeks. They are an important source of income and should be welcomed. However, it can be problematic if they are playing at the same time as our competitions. Some are set to play on Fridays and Sundays and there is no problem there, but Saturdays can be awkward. Please be patient. We are aware that speed of play could be affected and so we are working with the Proshop to minimise/eliminate that effect. There are ways that that can be done so we can have the best of both worlds. Reports from the social clubs so far have been very positive about the course and their time here in Warwick.

Second Tee

Helen Olsen has continued maintaining, and improving, Effie’s garden on the second tee. It is certainly a lovely area. Gary Russell-Sharam and his father-in-law David, have plans in place to build a handrail and also shore up parts of the garden and pathway. Helen is wondering about the history of the tee. When was this elevated tee built and who built it? If anyone knows of any of its history, could you please let her know.

Honour Boards 

Plans are in place to build five new boards to replace those that are full (thanks to Ted King who has put his hand up to do the job, just as he did for the timber slotted receptacle for the men’s cards). All of the boards will have the event winners updated by the end of the year.




Good golfing
Don Stewart
Pres WGC