Women - 17/9/2020

Warwick Women’s Golf 

Wednesday 9th SeptemberT oday 42 Ladies took to our great course,  with 10 ladies from Middle Ridge, who once a month go away to play and today they choose our lovely course and didn’t we have perfect Spring weather for everyone. The trophy of the day, generously sponsored by Classic Dimensions - Ladies Fashionwas Majella who has been a quiet achiever lately, but managed to pull out an awesome 38 points to convincingly win against such a large field.  Ann Tomkins continued her fine form to be the runner up with 36. Congratulations Majella & Ann.  Balls in the rundown went to Sharron Cooper, Jilly Barnes & Yvonne Pinington all on 35, Patti Hemmings 34. The extra Balls went to Kath Devereux 33, Judy Lester, Anna Cox & Helen Olsesn 31. The following field went like this:- Jeanette Louise (visitor) 32, Judy Stiff, Melanie McLennan, Margie Adcock, Janine Stewart & Di Evans 30pts, Lynnie Gibson, Trish Harding & Carmel Macdermott (visitors) & Patricia Eastwell 29pts, Tub Ingall, Joan Burt, Joy Bowles, Vicki Bennett & Wendy Rhea 28, Leah Esler (visitor) 27, Jean Fysh & Lynn Morgan & Helen Payne (visitors) 26pts, Roslyn Darton, Belinda Bridle (visitor), Marge Burley & Annie Hill (visitor) 25pts, Helen Rose (visitor) & Trish Bell 24pts, Zel Crook, Gwen Porter & Ann Ellis 23pts, Annice Payne & Janet Davis 21pts, Sally Coates (visitor) 20pts and Janet Aspinall 18.

Saturday  12th September We played our Annual Secretary’s Pen sponsored by our very hard working Secretary Michelle Wright, Michelle goes well beyond her duties and today showed how hard Michelle works as each player received a special pen with the inscription “I played in the Secretary’s Pen, Sponsored by Michelle” along with providing the winner & runner up trophies, Michelle  also had little gifts instead of balls in the rundown and extra gifts instead of our pin shots, the ladies loved these gifts – we would all like to say a huge thank you to you Michelle for all your hard work.Congratulations to our winner Janine Stewart who had a fantastic 40 points, to take home “The Secretary’s Pen”, hot on her heels with 39 points in the runner up position was Annice Payne. Prizes in the rundown went to Danielle Siebel & Melanie McLennan both with 38, Gwen Mills on 37, and Yvonne Pinington with 36. Prizes instead of pins went to Tracey Spinetti & Patricia Eastwell both on 35, Tub Ingall  & Louise Carey on 34. Jilly Barnes, Kath Devereux, Zel Crook, Tracey Farrell 33, Helen Olsen & Trish Bell 32, Judy Lester, Vicki Bennett & Sharron Cooper 31, Anne Lyons & Michelle Wright 30, Anna Cox, Jacqui Millard, Margie Adcock, Janet Davis, Trish Roberts 29, Wendy Rhea & Lyn Gibson 28, Ros Darton, Molly Scotney 27 and Patti Hemmings 26.

Saturday 19th September we have a single stroke flag event sponsored by the Coffee Club and then on Wednesday 23rd is our Mid Week Medal kindly sponsored by the RSL.

Happy Golfing Everyone