Women - 10/9/2020

Warwick Women’s Golf 

Wednesday 2nd September saw a different kind of game and even the best golfers plans went out the door.Our field of 30 Ladies emptied their golf bags of all except 3 clubs of their choice, and their putter.

Our club choices produced many a giggle, the odd ball going too far, and many pulling up short, but that’s the 3 club event, a challenge of a different kind.Vicki Bennett proved that she has no need for a full set of clubs, as she scored a fantastic 39 points, taking home the Cooreys Drapery sponsored trophy.  Vicki has been producing some lovely golf and has been in the winning circle for quite a few matches, well done Vicki. Melanie McLennan obviously picked the right 3 clubs as well, returning a card with an awesome 37 points, surviving a count back from several other clever golfers, Jean Fysh & Janine Stewart.Thank you to the Coorey Family for your sponsorship, it is so very much appreciated, especially in these hard times. Cooreys Drapery is a magical little shop, it has so much and appeals to so many.  Tracey Spinetti didn’t let an injury spoil her comeback, with having a couple of months off she had a great score of 36 points to be in the top 5 players of the day. Great to see you back Tracey.Balls in the rundown went to Jean Fysh & Janine Stewart 37, Tracey Spinetti & Judy Lester 36.The extra balls for the day went to Tub Ingall & Yvonne Pinington 35, Trish Bell & Danielle Seibel 34. The following field:- Annice Payne & Judy Stiff 33, Patti Hemmings & Mary Young 32, Sharron Cooper, Jill Barnes, Anna Cox, Di Evans & Wendy Rhea 31, Tracey Farrell, Patricia Eastwell & Janet Davis 30, Lynne Gibson & Marge Burley 29, Margie Adcock & Michelle Wright 28, Joan Burt 27, Majella Kahler 26, Helen Olen & Jacqui Millard 25.

Saturday  5th September we played our Monthly Medal with the conditions beautiful spring day, some great scores recorded out on the course today. Kath Devereux won division 1 with 70 nett on a count back from Margie Adcock. Division 2 was won by Annice Payne also with 70 nett on a count back from Zel Crook lovely to see Zel back in the winning field. Great scores ladies. Prizes today were  Sponsored Vouchers.  Majella Kahler won division 1 putting with 30 putts and Tub Ingall won division 2 also with 30 putts. Balls in the run down went to Danielle Seibel 70, Anne Lyons 72, Majella Kahler, Helen Olsen 73 the extra balls then went to Tub Ingall 75, Jill Barnes, Patricia Eastwell 76 and Gwen Mills 77. The following field in Div 1 was Gwen Mills, Melanie McLennan & Di Evans 77, Mary Young 80, Judy Lester 82, Molly Scotney 83. Div 2 Ann Tomkins 77, Michelle Wright, Roslyn Darton & Sharron Cooper 78, Trish Roberts 80, Jacqui Millard & Janet Davis 82.

We would like to once again congratulate our Gertrude McLeod Winners for 2020. This event is won by the player in each Division with the lowest 3 nett stroke rounds between March and August, calculated in relation to the DSR of the course on the day. Jill Barnes is our Div 1 winner with her combined best 3 scores being 7 shots below the DSR, Helen Olsen won Div 2 with her 3 best scores 8 shots below and Roslyn Darton winning Div 3 winner with a massive 13 strokes below. Even though Ros is now in Div 2, two of the three games were while she was in Div 3. Ros is now going on to play in the Winners’ Event at Surfers Paradise Golf Club at the end of September. Well played to each of these ladies. By now you will be using the new online booking system to book your games for both Wednesday and Saturday. Please see a Committee member or the Proshop if you need help to get online and book your game or refer to the email sent from Don including directions from Ros. A reminder that even though we are asking to book for Wednesday, afternoon golf we will still be having a draw for partners.  

Saturday 12th is Secretary’s Day - the preparations that our Secretary Michelle has done to make this day a special one for everyone is magnificent so please try and support her. 

Wednesday 16 this a 4BBB - please register online next to your partners name for this game - so player 1 and 2 will be a pair and player 3 and 4 a pair on the same line. This is how the cards will print. Remember though that the afternoon will still be a draw for opponents - but register next to your partner for the card printing. There has been a late change to the October program so please adjust the information sent out last week. Patron’s Day is now Sunday November 15th, not in October as advertised.