Covid news - 27/5/2020

Warwick Golf Club


25th May 2020

Hello to all members of Warwick Golf Club

The good news is that the clubhouse will re-open on Wednesday 27th as a service by the Condamine Sports Club, specially for our golfers. It will be open from 10 am to 3 pm only, with a maximum of 10 members in the clubhouse at any one time. 

It is envisaged that groups may take advantage of this initiative after playing 9 holes, or, for the earlier starters, after completing their games. Later starters may wish to purchase food before hitting off.

To comply with the State Gov’t Covid–19 rules:-

* Members are to use the front entrance and are asked to sign in with name and time of entry. Please exit via the side door only. Condy staff will sign us out.

*Members are only to enter if they won’t be exceeding the limit of 10 members inside the clubhouse.

*Alcohol can be purchased but only in addition to food (probably sandwiches and sausage rolls). Limit of 2 drinks per person in order to give everybody a chance to make use of these “new” facilities.

*No alcohol is to be taken out on to the course, but food is ok.

This initiative is a trial only. If successful and worthwhile, it will be continued. It is expected that the size of customer groups will be doubled to 20 on 12th June, all going well in Anastasia’s Qld.

Police have been checking on the compliance of local restaurants and eateries.

Payment by cash or card is ok.


Lane Cup 

The Lane Cup qualifying round is scheduled for Sunday 7th June. It is a mixed fourball stroke event, so now would be a good time for members to start organising partners for this matchplay honour board event. Use of time sheet applies.


As per pre-Covid practice, ladies are to continue playing in groups of three (or fewer) if hitting off after 11am. While the virus restrictions are still in place, this rule applies to both Wednesday and Saturday competitions. 


It’s a virtue, especially on the golf course(for lots of reasons) but please have consideration for everyone else on the course, whether they are behind your group, or in front of your group. 

Don Stewart

Pres WGC