Women - 8/1/2020

Women’s Golf notes for Wednesday January 8 2020 

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2020 year of golf. Welcome to our new President, Liz Cockram. This is a very new role for Liz and I know you will all support her throughout the coming year. Melanie McLennan will be our Vice-President and Treasurer. Michelle Wright has taken on the Secretary’s job, Jill Barnes the handicapper come Slice Program person, with Ros Darton, Joely Singleton and Anne Lyons being Committee members. Liz will be the ladies representative at the Management meetings of the whole club, keeping me company as I have been re-elected as a Committee member. 

I’d like to acknowledge the continued work of the Course staff and volunteers over the relentless hot summer, continuing to present the course in the condition it is in. Thanks everyone. 

Craig is doing a great job communicating with all the members through the club’s FaceBook page - I urge you to go online and “Like” the Warwick Golf Club page so you can receive these updates and know what’s going on around our course. While I try to share it to the Women’s page I don’t always remember! 

Our January program starts this Saturday with the Monthly Medal Stroke off the White Course. Many thanks to the Condamine Club Hawker Road Function Centre for coming on board again to sponsor us each month during 2020. Next Wednesday we will play a single stableford from the red markers. Owing to the World Handicapping System which has comes into effect on January 30thwe are being asked to play a non-handicapped event on Wednesday January 29th - my guess is that it will be a 2 ball ambrose but we will wait and see. This program has been emailed to everyone and copies are at the clubhouse. Please note that at the AGM it was passed that there will be a draw for the Wednesday afternoon competition at 11.40am for play to commence at 11.45am every week throughout the year. 

Envelops will be ready prior to the start of our competitions on Saturday January 11th for the annual suite of events if you would like to be in them - I am still waiting on confirmation from Golf Qld as to the nomination fee for the Foundation Brooch and International Bowl - so in the meantime we will assume they are the same as last year at $3.50 per event. Together with the Shootout ($30), Gobbles ($1) and Wednesday & Saturday eclectics ($1 each) a total of $40 will cover everything. Envelops will be in both the ladies restroom and presentation room from today. Please clearly date your envelop as money must be paid prior to competitions for any good results to be recorded. 

Please think about being a part of the above events - eclectic winners for the last 2 years have not been unable to be rewarded for their winning scores as they hadn’t paid to be in it. Explanations of each of the events are in the presentation room. 

Ros is my Vice Captain this year and I have been working with her over the weekend on the program - as always, if anyone would like to contribute a trophy please let me know. Many thanks to those members who have already offered their support. 

Looking forward to seeing you all on the course in the near future. Mary