Womens Updates - 23/10/2019


Last Wednesday 28 ladies played in the Stableford generously sponsored by Style Shoes.   Congratulations to Di Johnston who was the overall winner on the day with 38 points. Newcomer to competition Jan Byrne won the front nine with 19 points and Nachcha Craggs won the back nine with 21 points. Well played Jan! 

Judy Lester won the approach on the 13th. The winners on the approach to the 9thwere Mel McLennan (A grade), Trish Bell (B grade) and V. Bennett (C grade).  The pro pin went to Marg Adcock (2 balls) and Judy Lester.

Scores : Y. Pinington, M. Young, J. Singleton 32; T. Spinetti, T. Bell, J. Burt 31; J. Lester, J. Byrne 30; P. Hemmings, J. Fysh 29; H. Olsen, M. McLennan, V. Bennett, G. Porter 28; J. Barnes, D. Macdonald, W. Rhea, J. Bowles 26; A. Payne, D. Evans 25; M. Adcock 24; G. Young 23; A. Ellis, J. Stiff 21; H. Daley and J. Aspinall. 

After the storm on Thursday and another working bee on Friday to clean up the course, it was a lovely day on Saturday to be out playing the Stableford sponsored by Red Rooster.  In a field of 16 ladies, Nachcha Craggs took out the win with 37 points. Judy Lester was runner-up with 33 points.   Balls in the run down went to Annice Payne and Zel Crook both with 32 points.  Anne Lyons won the approach on the 7th. The winners on the approach to the 11thwere Danielle Seibel (A grade), Anne Lyons (B grade) and Roslyn Darton (C grade). The pro pin went to Anne Lyons (2 balls) and Sam Hinze.

Scores : R. Darton 32; M. Vincent, D. Seibel 31; G. Mills, Y. Pinington 30; A. Lyons 29; L. Wilson 27; D. Keogh, H. Olsen 26; P. Eastwell 23; J. Barnes 22; S. Hinze

Thank you to Churches of Christ (the local Regency Park and Aged Care Facility) for their generous sponsorship of Sunday’s competition.  Of the 38 players who competed in the 2 ball ambrose, 3 teams were mixed and 2 teams were ladies. Tracey Spinetti partnered husband Kerrin to win the mixed with Jill Barnes and Yvonne Pinington victorious in the ladies. 

This fortnight will see the semi-finals of the Lane Cup played. Marg Adcock and Ken Burley will play Melanie McLennan and John Devitt, while Mary and Scott Young will play Gill Young and John Brandon.   

Coming up: 23 October – Mid-Week Medal, single stroke, 26 October – Rodeo Single Stableford, 28 October – Trainee Pro-AM

Lots of golf coming up - hope to see you on the course.

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