Womens Updates - 16/10/2019


Congratulations to Joan Burt for her win in last Wednesday’s single stableford sponsored by Colesand contested by 25 ladies. Joan finished the round with a fantastic 40 points.  Majella Kahler was runner up on the day with 37 points.  Marg Adcock 35, Gill Young Jill Barnes and Di Macdonald 34 won balls in the countdown. Gwen Mills won the approach on the 11th. The winners on the approach to the 7thwere Helen Olsen (A grade), Michelle Wright (B grade) and Joan Burt (C grade).  The pro pin on the 16thwent to Marg Adcock (2 balls) and Majella Kahler.

Scores : J. Stiff 34; H. Olsen, A. Payne 33; E. Casey, M. Wright, P. Hemmings, J. Stewart 32; J. Bowles 31; D. Johnston, G. Mills 30; M. McLennan 29; J. Singleton 28; Y. Pinington, G. Porter ,J. Lester 27; A. Ellis 26, J. Fysh, M. Vincent 25; P. Eastwell 24.

After some much needed rain last Friday and Saturday morning there was only a field of 7 ladies playing in the single stableford sponsored by KFC.  Majella Kahler continued her good form, winning with 33 points. Majella also won the pro pin and was able to add a triplet of gobbles to her name.  Anne Lyons was close behind with 32 points.  Jill Barnes won the approach on the 5th.

Scores: J. Barnes, R. Darton 31; H. Olsen, J. Lester 24; T. Spinetti 22.

The quarter final round of the 4BBB Mixed Stroke Lane Cup Honour Board Event was played during the week. Many thanks to everyone who came out to participate in this annual competition, remembering Mona and Jack Lane (Marg Adcock’s parents) who retired from playing golf in 2004 and established this Warwick Golf Club event. Mona and Jack were both Life Members of our club and are fondly remembered by many current players. Congratulations to M. & S. Young on their win over K. Farrell & V. Pinington (1 up); J. Brandon & G. Young over A. Matthews & W. Rhea (5/4); J. Devitt & M. Mclennan over T. King & D. Seibel (2/1); and K. Burley & M. Adcock over D. Craggs & H. Olsen (4/3).  Semi-Finals will be played between M. & S. Young and J. Brandon & G. Young; J. Devitt & M. Mclennan and K. Burley & M. Adcock.  Good luck to all teams.

Last Sunday the Women’s Pink Day Cancer Fundraiser was held.  A total of 36 women played an 

18-hole Ambrose.  All funds raised will be donated to the local Glen McGrath Breast Cancer nurses.  Thank you to Woolworths and the Condamine Sports Club for their kind donations.  Thanks also to all players and members who donated prizes.  

Coming up: 16 October – Single Stableford 9/18 hole competition, 19 October – Single Stableford, 20 October – Regency Park Fundraiser

There is still time to nominate for the Regency Park charity day. Please find a partner and come out and support Regency Park.

Lots of golf coming up - hope to see you on the course.

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